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It is a drug. It actually is. That Judgement Crack. It LITERALLY gives us a high. “That church’s pastor has an entourage. I’d NEVER have an entourage.” “That church meets in homes? How could they possibly EVER reach enough people for Christ in homes?” “Sure they put out a new worship record every year. But let’s be honest, only like 1 of the songs are worth singing.” “Oh. That church? That’s Read more.
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There is going to be this guy. His smile will charm you, his words will woo you, and he will actually want to be yours. When that guy shows up, remember that the desire he has in his heart for you quite possibly equals 1/10000th of the desire God has for you. There is going to be this girl. She is going to be your best friend. She Read more.
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It is relatively new. To a degree. I mean the stained glass windows of the churches of yesterday were created by amazing artists and, I’m sure, in somewhat of a hope that it will allure people to worship their God more intensely. But I’m not sure that people came to a church service in order to stare at the windows for an hour. Somewhere in the Read more.
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I’m a really bad hunter.  Like horrible.  I’ve been hunting for 2 years now and have killed absolutely nothing. You know what that makes me? A really bad hunter. Once I had 4 deer under my tree stand and I didn’t shoot them.  Why?  Because I heard “The Big One” at the top of the ridge. Dreamers shouldn’t be hunters. I mean lets be honest.  I can’t even sit at the same spot in a coffee shop longer than 25 minutes without needing to Read more.
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There isn’t a secret to a better blog. There isn’t a secret to greater influence. There isn’t a secret to making more money. There isn’t a secret to more people going to your church. There isn’t a secret to better public speaking. There isn’t a secret to funding your indie project. It’s not a secret. So if they tell you it is… you will be let down. Work Hard. It’s not a secret. There Read more.


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You’re Welcome… Los Read more.
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Reactionary parenting is sometimes all we’ve got. With culture changing SO RAPIDLY all around us, it’s so hard to stay in front of where our children are going. The snowball rolling down the mountain that is social media and isn’t going to slow down. It’s not. And you know what? It’s ok. You don’t have to know the difference between a Snapchat and an iChat. Our kids are Read more.
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1. Don’t have kids. 2. Don’t have kids. 3. Don’t have kids. 4. Don’t have kids. 5. Don’t have kids. Listen. I’m sure there is great parenting advice out there on how to keep your kids out of gangs and stuff. But all I know is my parents were close to the perfect parents and I ended up in jail, almost not graduating high school, and a HOT MESS. I remember waking Read more.
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Tradition is a good thing. It brings a wealth of knowledge and history and alignment to a somewhat scattered church. Innovation is a good thing as it brings freedom, newness, and relevance to a somewhat stale church. Yet both of these things can become numbing. When you sit on a seat for too long your butt gets numb. I think we often numb the butts of our people and they need to stand up and walk around. Quit sitting on your church butt and let Read more.
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Last night I posted a picture online where I had changed my boarding pass number from 5 to 1 with an iPhone editing app. The horror. I thought it was funny so I posted it. Many on my Facebook feed pointed out I was a “douchebag”. One questioned since I can’t “lay down my bag then I can’t lay down my life”. Another pointed out that we, as Christians, are supposed to point out each others sins. Yet another told me to “Get over myself” All of Read more.


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