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She had influence beyond what most social media mavens would dream of. She had a blog read by over 7,000 readers a day. She was asked to participate in countless events to share her design and moment making lifestyle. She once had a “blog party” where her blog readers drove from hundreds of miles and flew across the country to attend. She was an “influencer”. I remember the conversation clear as day. “Babe. I’m done. I’ve Read more.
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Hey son… I woke up this morning to you sticking your finger in my right nostril. I didn’t open my eyes because I was intrigued as to your intentions. You were doing it very lightly as if not to wake me. You moved to my eye lids. Rubbing them lightly. You then traced your finger down to my lips. You plucked them like someone would a bass guitar. I heard a giggle. Then your Read more.
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April 19-20 :: RVC – Fresno, CA April 24-25 :: Press Tour – NYC, NY April 27 :: – Nashville, TN April 30-May 2 :: Catalyst Dallas – Dallas, TX May 3-4 :: The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV May 10-11 :: VCC – Visailia, CA May 25 :: – Nashville, TN June 1 :: The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV June 14-15 :: New Spring Church – Anderson, SC June 23-27 :: Crosspoint Kids Camp (#BestWeekOfTheYear) June Read more.
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[Don't skip past the gif above this.  It may be the most powerful thing you see today] Gotcha.  I actually don’t drink and drive.  I do something worse. I text and drive. I have gotten so much better in the last year. It’s made me safer and the people around me safer. Just allowing my drive time to be a time of silence. I don’t even turn the radio on. It’s almost the most refreshing time of Read more.
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I don’t know a better place to say all this than here. Where it all began. Listen. As of this morning…7 Days later… We are sitting at #2,464 in Books on And we are still in all the best seller categories the book lives in on Amazon. To let you know how amazing this is… IT’S FREAKING AMAZING. There has been ZERO drop off in a week of sales and Read more.
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I’m at my gate at the airport in Orange County. I get called to said gate counter at airport in Orange County. I give gate agent my name at said gate at airport in Orange County. Man leaning against counter at said gate at airport in Orange County snaps at me…”UM. DON’T CUT IN FRONT OF ME @$$****”. I snap back at man leaning against counter art said gate at airport in Orange County…”I Read more.
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Well  The day is finally here. The day that YOU helped me build. Without you guys this would not have happened and so I say thanks again.  It’s time to flex. I’m not daydreaming about  best seller lists.  But I am day dreaming about people that stop existing and begin THRIVING. That is what this is all about. You guys helping others become MOMENT MAKERS. And you can. Today…I would LOVE for you to do Read more.
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Can we give a slow clap ovation to this Wendy’s employee who grabbed a table umbrella for this old man? It’s better that way… Los   Read more.
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Who starts a launch team 5 days before their book comes out? Carlos Enrique Whittaker Guzman Archibold Cabbello does!!! So I’m looking for some passionate Moment Makers to basically help me spread the word of the book the next few weeks. Is that you? I think so. You guys, the community GAVE ME A VOICE and now I want to use yours. You will find in the last page of my book my shout out to you all and I am forever grateful for what Read more.


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