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1. Don’t have kids. 2. Don’t have kids. 3. Don’t have kids. 4. Don’t have kids. 5. Don’t have kids. Listen. I’m sure there is great parenting advice out there on how to keep your kids out of gangs and stuff. But all I know is my parents were close to the perfect parents and I ended up in jail, almost not graduating high school, and a HOT MESS. I remember waking Read more.
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Tradition is a good thing. It brings a wealth of knowledge and history and alignment to a somewhat scattered church. Innovation is a good thing as it brings freedom, newness, and relevance to a somewhat stale church. Yet both of these things can become numbing. When you sit on a seat for too long your butt gets numb. I think we often numb the butts of our people and they need to stand up and walk around. Quit sitting on your church butt and let Read more.
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Last night I posted a picture online where I had changed my boarding pass number from 5 to 1 with an iPhone editing app. The horror. I thought it was funny so I posted it. Many on my Facebook feed pointed out I was a “douchebag”. One questioned since I can’t “lay down my bag then I can’t lay down my life”. Another pointed out that we, as Christians, are supposed to point out each others sins. Yet another told me to “Get over myself” All of Read more.
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i-have-a-dream There is a myth. A myth that somehow, when you hit your 30′s, and you make a couple of life changing decisions to leave A to head to B and start influencing/singing to lots of people that you are “chasing a dream”. I admit that I play into that fallacy. I’ve named posts “Dream This”, “Chase This Dream”, “Dream…blah blah blah”. These posts mostly hit as I was leaving my full time position at Read more.
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Mom loses job. Son every parent in the world would want finds car mom always talked about when he was a kid and she was a housekeeper. Son buys car. Son Gives Mom Car. SON MAKES US ALL CRY LIKE A BABY… It’s better that way… Los Read more.
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As the outpouring of grief continues in the death of a hero to many of us, probably the biggest cry I am hearing is for people with mental illness to know that they are…“Not Alone” “You are not alone”… we chant. When I am NOT in the midst of a MMA Death Match with Depression…this sounds really comforting. When I AM in the midst of a MMA Read more.
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In a world where we sometimes feel as if we can’t find the good guys… This restaurant is proof that they still exist. I’ll make sure to visit next time I’m in town. Bravo… Los Read more.
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After 40 years of walking this earth, if you were to stand me up next to my earthly possessions… Many would say I have little to show for it. We live in a small rented condo in Nashville.  We only have one car.  All my kids sleep in one room.  The bank account is paycheck to paycheck or speaking date to speaking date. We buy our Read more.
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It’s not often that I’m forced to apologize Probably only twice a day. So while I’m still undoing the suck that this involves… I have 5 tips that will improve your “I’m Sorry Skills”. 1. Forgive 1 person a day There is nothing better to up your apology game than knowing what it feels like to drop some forgiveness on someone’s soul. Forgive 1 person a day, even the rude bank teller, and you will Read more.


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