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As the outpouring of grief continues in the death of a hero to many of us, probably the biggest cry I am hearing is for people with mental illness to know that they are…“Not Alone” “You are not alone”… we chant. When I am NOT in the midst of a MMA Death Match with Depression…this sounds really comforting. When I AM in the midst of a MMA Read more.
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In a world where we sometimes feel as if we can’t find the good guys… This restaurant is proof that they still exist. I’ll make sure to visit next time I’m in town. Bravo… Los Read more.
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After 40 years of walking this earth, if you were to stand me up next to my earthly possessions… Many would say I have little to show for it. We live in a small rented condo in Nashville.  We only have one car.  All my kids sleep in one room.  The bank account is paycheck to paycheck or speaking date to speaking date. We buy our Read more.
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It’s not often that I’m forced to apologize Probably only twice a day. So while I’m still undoing the suck that this involves… I have 5 tips that will improve your “I’m Sorry Skills”. 1. Forgive 1 person a day There is nothing better to up your apology game than knowing what it feels like to drop some forgiveness on someone’s soul. Forgive 1 person a day, even the rude bank teller, and you will Read more.
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Dear Colbie Caillat. It’s hard raising kids. Anyone who says it isn’t, is lying. But it is also the greatest thing in the world. You have no idea how much I freaking love it. And the older mine get, the more fun it has become. My girls love Jesus and family. But they also love boys and Demi Levato. #LetItGo!!!!! And we pray someone they look up to will let them know that their life is worth more Read more.
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“My wife and I have thought about adopting for a while.” “I’ve always wanted to write a book.” “I think I might ask her out.” “Yea, next time I go to a show I’ll sponsor a Compassion child.” “You know, I’m gonna finally tell my boss to chill out and treat us with respect.” “Dude! The church I’m planting is going to feed the homeless every Saturday morning.” “That’s it. I’m seriously going to drop everything and become a photographer.” These are just a few of the Read more.
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I have lots of friends who’s kids are hitting that magical age when they start losing teeth. My kids are now at the age when teeth are less cute and more $8k of braces. Sigh. But thank God I basically recorded every moment of my kids elementary school years so that you can now officially have a manual on how to do this stuff. Above I have Sohaila’s first toof pull. You’re Welcome… Los Read more.
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Here is my summer. June 29 :: Providence Church – Albany, GA #MomentMaker July 2 :: 100 Huntley St. – Toronto, Canada #MomentMaker July 6 :: The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV July 13 :: Seymour First – Seymour, IN #MomentMaker July 20 :: Highland, VA July 23-24 :: Provost, UT August 9 :: Melbourne, FL August 10 :: The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV August 17 :: Butte, MT August 22-23 :: Overflow Read more.
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I remember walking into our kitchen every morning on Sprucewood Dr. and seeing my dad sipping his coffee and reading the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. We would talk about the day while he was reading the paper. He would show me and fill me in on the days news. When he was done with the paper… He would throw it away. I remember when my dad Read more.


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