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[My browser history from last night at 11pm] I don’t worry about money. I don’t worry about stuff. I don’t worry about relationships. I don’t worry about God. I worry about sickness.  Sometimes it’s an all consuming type worry.  Like the sky is falling kind of worry.  And I hate it. This is not the same as my anxiety.  Hear me.  They are two totally and completely different things.  But worry Read more.
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Parenting. It’s a hotter topic than health care reform. Most people think they have it down. I know I don’t. I have a 11, 9, and 7 year old. Boobs are sprouting…Boys are drawing closer…Crushes are forming… I would like to know what you would do in this situation. If you don’t have kids, you have parents so you can play along. If you have kids, this will be easier. For the record…I believe sex should be saved for Read more.
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How many times have you been told to do something that deep inside your gut… You knew wasn’t what you wanted to do? You absolutely know better…but you do it anyways… Talk smack about that pastor who you drives you crazy. Completely avoid eye contact with that homeless beggar… Tell your 5 year old…”Not right now…” and then proceed to check your instagram feed. Listen… we have these moments everyday.  Moments where we get to choose Read more.
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She’d been asking for a date for 3 days. Not the let’s take a walk around the block date. No. She wanted adventure.   “Babe?  A little help? It’s 9:30 pm. It needs to be a quick date but memorable…” I commented to the wife… Heather walked away for 3 minutes… She walked back with this… “You want me to take my daughter to steal some emeralds out of a mansion in Read more.
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I’m a storyteller. I’m good at it. When I was a kid, I was the one picked to tell the ghost story before bed because everyone knew I would scare the hell out of David Tayler. His mom would hear his cry make me pack up and go back home for being mean. I smiled the whole way home. Why? Because I painted a picture for that kid that scared him to death. Well now I Read more.
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This is so good. If you have sensitive ears, this may irritate them. But alas…it’s worth it. Los Read more.
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Today as a writer I’m encouraged and focused. I’m making a decision to stop apologizing or making excuses. I wrote this book to help you feel and see what a Moment Making life is all about. To live with daily precision. I got this text from a friend who read my post the other day. If you don’t have friends like this… Go get one. And take it from my friend… Read more.
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I believe that recreational marijuana will be legal in all the states of the union in no time flat. It’s coming. I am writing an magazine article on the matter and would love your input for it… Answer whichever ones you see fit… 1. What do YOU feel the difference is between pot and alcohol? 2. Do you drink? If so, would you smoke pot if it were legal? (Be anonymous if you must) 3. Do Read more.
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These thoughts brought to you by as I’m currently flying by the above image to my left… See here is my problem today. I don’t believe myself. That’s right.  I don’t believe myself. It’s not that I don’t believe IN myself. That I do. I believe that I can write.  I believe that I can tell a great story.  I believe that I am GOOD enough to write a book. So what’s the problem? It’s my friends. Seriously. Well Read more.
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[Pope loves my book. That's all that matters. Repeat.] I’m 31 days away from the launch of my first book. [It's on presale for $3.99 by the way.  Skip the latte and feed my kids of you feel so obliged...] I’ve decided to document for you guys the emotional roller coaster that I’m on because so far…it’s been a WILD ride. And let me also get something else out of the Read more.


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