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Amigos y Amigas. It’s time to break forth the rhythm and the rhyme. Over 2,000 of you took part in the #FitByFourth Challenge. But alas, only a few finished.  Why is that?  Cause there was nothing at stake. This time around… There will be lots at stake. YOU NEED NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT OR GYM MEMBERSHIP TO PARTICIPATE!!! Starting TODAY… we are going to get a head start on all of the New Years Resolution peeps.  Cause only 8% of people who make New Years Read more.
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I wrote the following a year ago, a block from my Nashville home… “When I walked out of the bedroom, down the hallway, and into the living room, there she was. Face down on the ground. Palms facing towards the sky. “I really don’t have time for this” I thought to myself. But how was I supposed to see my wife facedown before the Lord and not, myself, do the same? So down Read more.
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Just a few nuggets this old vet has learned the past decade and a half 1.  Your church is not as excited about the new Bethel record, Tomlin song, or emo hippie house church song as you are. Remember… It’s not a stretch to say that over half the people that walk into your Sunday morning services have little to zero interest in the music portion of the service.  I know Read more.
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My Fall was one for the ages… It was a fall in which I made a purposeful switch to trying to fill my calendar dates with 75% speaking and 25% leading worship. “Carlos? Why in the world would you do that? You lead worship at some of the largest churches in the world? That’s just plain dumb man.” No. That is not anything anyone in particular said to me. IT’S WHAT I SAID TO Read more.
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If you are a married man with kids and have a somewhat healthy family life I’m going to assume this the truth of your bachelor weekends.   You love you wife and kids. Like you love being with them, snuggling with them, and laughing with them. But when the opportunity presents itself for all of them to go out of town for a few days… Something rises from deep within. This feeling of freedom that you Read more.
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This is what happens when you have an 8 hour road trip from Nashville to Chicago and are bored beyond belief. So I need to know.  How many of you parents like TSwift as much if not more than your kids? Playa’s Gonna Play… Los Read more.
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I hear it all the time… “The biggest issue the church is facing is addressing the issue of homosexuality.” Excuse me if I rant for a moment… How is this the biggest issue the church is facing? Cause there are sitcoms with gay characters? Cause there are more “out” people in your congregations? Ring Ring Ring…  Clue Phone… Y’all have just as many gay deacons in your church as Billy Graham had at First Baptist Church in Western Read more.
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So listen. This wasn’t even a story worth reporting. I mean busses break, accidents happen, people are stuck on planes for hours, and there is not even a blip on the news radar. Why? Because there is no STORY. A story isn’t information. A story has a heart beat. People always ask me how I’m so lucky. How I get to have breakfast with the president, win a Peoples Choice Award, Read more.
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A few thoughts from my plane about my blog. So who knew? Who knew that after 9 years of blogging I would feel like I have nothing to say. It’s funny.  Most people that I meet say things like…”I love your blog.” But when I haven’t really used this space in so long I think maybe they love something that I used to be. But the truth Read more.
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It is a drug. It actually is. That Judgement Crack. It LITERALLY gives us a high. “That church’s pastor has an entourage. I’d NEVER have an entourage.” “That church meets in homes? How could they possibly EVER reach enough people for Christ in homes?” “Sure they put out a new worship record every year. But let’s be honest, only like 1 of the songs are worth singing.” “Oh. That church? That’s Read more.


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