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Here is my summer. June 29 :: Providence Church – Albany, GA #MomentMaker July 2 :: 100 Huntley St. – Toronto, Canada #MomentMaker July 6 :: The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV July 13 :: Seymour First – Seymour, IN #MomentMaker July 20 :: Highland, VA July 23-24 :: Provost, UT August 9 :: Melbourne, FL August 10 :: The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV August 17 :: Butte, MT August 22-23 :: Overflow Read more.
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I remember walking into our kitchen every morning on Sprucewood Dr. and seeing my dad sipping his coffee and reading the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. We would talk about the day while he was reading the paper. He would show me and fill me in on the days news. When he was done with the paper… He would throw it away. I remember when my dad Read more.
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This past weekend I was blessed to share with my home church the fears, joys, and ordinary moments I have as a father.  Sitting around a picnic table with my friends Jake Locker and Pete Wilson we got intimate about being dads, and our dads.  It’s not a quick video. So I suggest watching it when you have 30 free Read more.
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I had an up close experience in a deep healing session last week and again am blown away by the power of the Holy Spirit. Most churches I have known don’t really get involved too deeply with demonic attachment for obvious reasons. Understanding being the primary reason for the distance. But Satan and his demons are as real as Christ and our angels. If ever there was a book that I would recommend wholeheartedly Read more.
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I just spent 3 days with 140 successful people who I had no idea what they did. Why? Because nobody talked about work. Nobody talked about what they did. Nobody talked about followers Nobody talked about marketing plans. Everybody talked about their heart. Everybody talked about their families Everybody talked about their faith. And we just did stuff together. You see, sometimes the only thing keeping us from experiencing heaven on earth… Is us gazing at earth and only glancing at Read more.
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This blog used to be centered primarily around leading worship. I’d say for 3 or 4 years that was the majority of what I wrote about. Then I didn’t. Not because I don’t still do it. Worship leading is still about 50% of my “day job”. But I stopped writing about it because, honestly, “worship style” basically became as controversial as politics and breast feeding is on Facebook. So instead I now write about breastfeeding Read more.
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If the Christian organization you belong to… The church you are on staff at… The Christian conference you speak at… The selfie with famous Christian [fill in the blank]… Even remotely fills you with what the Jersey Shore kids or Bieber or Douche Bags everywhere call #Swag or #Swagger … Then you are dangerously close to creating a God out of yourself/your church/your organization/your conference/your social media channel. The look of awe and the look of Read more.
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OK.  It’s Time.  What is that ONE song that gets you across the finish line?  Everybody Now… And on social media use #FitByFourthOneSong to let everyone know! WHAT IS IT??? Read more.
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I’m no idiot. I knew the day was coming. I guess I just didn’t know how my heart would react when it came. We have been VERY intentional since Losiah was a baby to keep his adoption alive and well in our home. He has a picture book of his foster family. We talk about our return visit to Korea all the time. I think we have a pretty healthy relationship with that part of Read more.


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