I love people. I love to talk. I love to cozy up with a skinny hazelnut latte and someone I’ve never met before and exchange ideas, dreams, opinions and advice. After years of sitting across the table and having amazing and life-altering conversations, I’ve begun to look harder at the intention of emails asking to talk over coffee. I realize people are not looking for a quick answer or singular 45 minute meeting. Rather, I’ve discovered a real yearning for intentional creative coaching in ministry/business.

I couldn’t shake that realization. You see, for years I was the ‘pursuer’—the one emailing and asking for time. I know the frustration and loneliness of working tirelessly without a support group.

God knew I needed help. And He answered my calls in amazing ways. For ten years, I learned at one of the most authentic places on the planet—Sandals Church in Riverside, California. During that formative decade, I grew as a part of a team doing portable church under the steadfast leadership of Matt Brown. That experience was followed by 2 years at Atlanta’s Buckhead Church, which was like attending the Harvard School of Creative Leadership with Jeff Henderson and Andy Stanley as the ultimate professors. Their wisdom and perspective has blown my mind and grown my heart. North Point Ministries was the perfect balance of creativity and leadership.  Leading at that level forced me to learn more than ever. And finally sitting alongside the Catalyst Conference team programming and developing those events has been life altering. After sitting under the leadership of great coaches, I know that without intentional coaching, I would not be where I am today.
If you know me, you know I’m not a systems or management guy. I don’t pursue structure by nature.

But, I’m so passionate about this kind of coaching because I have to learn. I got a 790 on my SAT—the whole thing, not just the Math part. I come to you from a place of humility. I am proof that God is good, not that Carlos is smart. I know I am not Mr. God’s Gift To Creative Heads. But I do know God had blessed me. He has blessed me with the experiences and interactions, the knowledge and aptitude that enable me to lead creative teams and individuals.

You have the opportunity to join a creative network. We’ll be cramming all month long to help develop and tune up your creative muscles.

November/December 2013 Group Session Dates

  • Tuesday, August 28th @ 12noon CST
  • Tuesday, September 11th @ 12noon CST
  • Tuesday, September 18th @ 12noon CST
  • Tuesday, September 25th @ 12noon CST

This network is not for everyone. Therefore, the requirements to participate are high. The requirements are:


  • Participate in four team video sessions and complete assignments
  • Participate in one-on-one coaching session
  • Be willing to coach others in the future if called upon
  • Complete the online application HERE. You will be notified of acceptance by phone or email

Cost: $500 payable before 1st Coaching Session

*A limited number of partial scholarships are available.

So there you have it.

This is a commitment. But I know our churches and businesses will be better for it. I know because I have been the ‘pursuer’ in the middle of the chaos trying to grow a church, and the pursuit of intentional relationships has always, always been worth it.
So, please pray about joining us for this time of growth.



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