This blog used to be centered primarily around leading worship. I’d say for 3 or 4 years that was the majority of what I wrote about. Then I didn’t. Not because I don’t still do it. Worship leading is still about 50% of my “day job”. But I stopped writing about it because, honestly, “worship style” basically became as controversial as politics and breast feeding is on Facebook. So instead I now write about breastfeeding Read more.
I’ve been a “worship leader” for a looooooong time.  Started full time circa 1998. Now I’ve been blessed to be able to do many things in the ministry and now worship leading is probably only 1/5th of my job. Yet I’ve seen the “job” change in various ways. I’ve seen the church handle the “job” in various ways. It’s an interesting definition for sure and I appreciate how different churches handle it in Read more.
It’s been years that I have been struggling with this term. I know what is meant. But seriously? That is a pretty arrogant term. Arrogant because the job that it describes is something I would only deem Billy Graham and St. Francis assume. Not me. But I get it. And it is one that I use almost daily. So yes, I’m spittin’ out of both sides of my mouth. But if one is truly a “worship leader”, music on Read more.
10.  I will lessen the amount of WooooahOoooohs I try and make my church sing by 50%. 9.    I will wake up every morning and say…”My name is __________.  My name is not Joel Houston/Kim Walker” 8.    I will get better by watching video of myself and critiquing all of the accidentally blasphemous things I say. 7.  I will READ MY FREAKING BIBLE more than I try and memorize Read more.
I know it’s Christmas and you have 122323 services to do in the next 10 days. What better time than to think about taking a break?!!! If you are looking for your congregation to experience a passionate time of worship, I’d love to come out with my band or with yours!!! So feel free to email and let’s do this… I also have a mini creative conference I do with Creative Teams where I take my experience from NorthPoint and Catalyst Read more.
The moment the applause starts getting to your head… Quit. Sincerely… A former addict. Carlos Read more.
Worship leading is a dangerous profession. Not anymore dangerous than anything else that inflates ego. But dangerous none the less. More often because the one asked to lead worship is normally asked because of one skill set. Singing. If they read their Bible it’s a plus but that is more of a question asked than a lifestyle critiqued. Normally there are auditions which judge the musical skill set and maybe if the congregation is lucky a question or two about their relationship with God. So the danger Read more.
I’m a full time worship leader. It’s how I pay my bills. I travel to churches, jump around on stage, and sing Jesus songs. I think I’m pretty good at it. But Lord knows there are times I watch the tape back and have a come to Jesus moment with myself. These are all things I and 1000′s of other worship leaders have said and probably will accidentally say Read more.
1. “Awe man. I like the other worship leader better…” 2. “She/He ALWAYS sits right here? Why are they not here? Ugh. Why did I even come to church?” 3. “What is the worship leader pointing at? All I see is the roof?” 4. “3…2…1… CameraShootsUpTheNeckOfTheGuitarNowGo!!!” 5. “Ugh. She asked me to lift my hands. No. I’m not gonna do it.” 6. “Wow. Like 75% of the people in here are lifting their hands. OK. Read more.
Yesterday on stage, during the first service, I looked down and saw this older man waving at me during White Flag. For a moment I thought he was simply #WorshipDancing but soon realized he was honestly trying to get my attention. So in my talking setup for the bridge I stared right at him and delivered my mini-sermon so he would stop waving, and maybe find Jesus in the Read more.


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