Last summer I spent a week with Rich and Renee´ Stearns. It was a magical week where we hiked, jumped off cliffs, ate lots of crab, talked lots about Jesus, and laughed and cried until our cheeks were stained with love filled tears. I’ve read lots of stuff about Rich the last day.  Read lots of stuff about Rich that happy people and sad people have written. Lots of the stuff I’ve Read more.
[My browser history from last night at 11pm] I don’t worry about money. I don’t worry about stuff. I don’t worry about relationships. I don’t worry about God. I worry about sickness.  Sometimes it’s an all consuming type worry.  Like the sky is falling kind of worry.  And I hate it. This is not the same as my anxiety.  Hear me.  They are two totally and completely different things.  But worry Read more.
“My nephew just made his first shot in little league basketball last night. I tried to make it memorable for him.” Cue One Shining Moment… Los Read more.
Love is in the air and February I’m offering a special here at and all my social media outlets. I’ve seen my facebook fan page grow over 6k in the last 2 months and my blog subscribers are as open as ever to the right opportunities. They are a fantastic group of people willing to see if your product is right for them. New record coming out? New book coming out? Conference you want to promote? New drill bit holder you invented last night? 2 Blog Read more.
Yesterday, for the first time in 72 years, it snowed in Cairo, Egypt. I can just see all of the Egyptians Facebook feeds lighting up with their Swiss friends hammering… “OMG!!! YOU CALL THAT SNOW?!!! YOU DON”T KNOW SNOW!!!” This happens ALL the time when it snows in Nashville, Atlanta or anywhere it doesn’t normally snow. Relax Snow Patrol. We get it. And there is reverse snow prejudice as well. All you Minnesota people post a pic Read more.
So it’s really amazing how this moment that happened almost 4 years ago now, is catching steam again. Just so everyone knows what went down after we met Danny. We had about a 30 minute convo, that was mostly for my and his ears only after our moment. There were many other moments in that convo that changed my life and perspective on homelessness. I asked Danny how we could get back in touch with him and he gave me a cell phone Read more.
Yesterdays post caused quite a stir. Which is ok. I was talking directly to full time church employees about how they present their Sunday morning environments. I was them for 15 years. It was in my blood. I understand. But the point that got the most blood boiling was point #4. Small groups. When I grew up it was Sunday School. Which I think I like better. Nonetheless… There is something to be said about One Church near Columbus, OH. They saw a growing community in their church and Read more.


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