It’s not often that I’m forced to apologize Probably only twice a day. So while I’m still undoing the suck that this involves… I have 5 tips that will improve your “I’m Sorry Skills”. 1. Forgive 1 person a day There is nothing better to up your apology game than knowing what it feels like to drop some forgiveness on someone’s soul. Forgive 1 person a day, even the rude bank teller, and you will Read more.
“My wife and I have thought about adopting for a while.” “I’ve always wanted to write a book.” “I think I might ask her out.” “Yea, next time I go to a show I’ll sponsor a Compassion child.” “You know, I’m gonna finally tell my boss to chill out and treat us with respect.” “Dude! The church I’m planting is going to feed the homeless every Saturday morning.” “That’s it. I’m seriously going to drop everything and become a photographer.” These are just a few of the Read more.
OK.  It’s Time.  What is that ONE song that gets you across the finish line?  Everybody Now… And on social media use #FitByFourthOneSong to let everyone know! WHAT IS IT??? Read more.
Welcome lazy people. I welcome you with open arms because I, am you. I am lazy. I like to eat Cheetos. I like to watch The Biggest Loser while eating 2 bowls of Captain Crunch. I like to stay up WAY TO LATE watching solider homecoming videos on YouTube and then hit snooze 732 times when I’m supposed to wake up. Are you feeling me yet? Good. You see 8 months Read more.
She had influence beyond what most social media mavens would dream of. She had a blog read by over 7,000 readers a day. She was asked to participate in countless events to share her design and moment making lifestyle. She once had a “blog party” where her blog readers drove from hundreds of miles and flew across the country to attend. She was an “influencer”. I remember the conversation clear as day. “Babe. I’m Read more.
Last summer I spent a week with Rich and Renee´ Stearns. It was a magical week where we hiked, jumped off cliffs, ate lots of crab, talked lots about Jesus, and laughed and cried until our cheeks were stained with love filled tears. I’ve read lots of stuff about Rich the last day.  Read lots of stuff about Rich that happy people and sad people have written. Lots of the stuff I’ve Read more.
[My browser history from last night at 11pm] I don’t worry about money. I don’t worry about stuff. I don’t worry about relationships. I don’t worry about God. I worry about sickness.  Sometimes it’s an all consuming type worry.  Like the sky is falling kind of worry.  And I hate it. This is not the same as my anxiety.  Hear me.  They are two totally and completely different things.  But worry Read more.
“My nephew just made his first shot in little league basketball last night. I tried to make it memorable for him.” Cue One Shining Moment… Los Read more.


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