This is so good. If you have sensitive ears, this may irritate them. But alas…it’s worth it. Los Read more.
What’s Your Coffee Addiction? Confess people… Los Read more.
I mean we don’t REALLY know what a mermaid looks like?  Right? Bro was a BEAR.  A BEAR. YUP… So maybe not from our childhood, but true none the less!!! Dora Croft.  And Boots. Read more.
Who hogs the bed? You? Them? It? No pets sleep in our bed.  But Heather takes about 3/4 of it with her tiny little 4’11″ frame. Until 3am when children start sneaking in.  Sometimes we wake with 5 bodies in a tangled mess. What’s your sleep zone look like? Los Read more.
“Man. You’ll never believe it. This dude walked by me. Then attacked me with a pillow. Then threw a pillow to me. Then we went all out battle royal for 30 seconds. Then he took the pillows and ran.” – Dude in pillow fight. “Yea right man.” – Everybody he tells this story to. This was awesome… Read more.


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