There is going to be this guy. His smile will charm you, his words will woo you, and he will actually want to be yours. When that guy shows up, remember that the desire he has in his heart for you quite possibly equals 1/10000th of the desire God has for you. There is going to be this girl. She is going to be your best friend. She Read more.
I’m a really bad hunter.  Like horrible.  I’ve been hunting for 2 years now and have killed absolutely nothing. You know what that makes me? A really bad hunter. Once I had 4 deer under my tree stand and I didn’t shoot them.  Why?  Because I heard “The Big One” at the top of the ridge. Dreamers shouldn’t be hunters. I mean lets be honest.  I can’t even sit at the same spot in a coffee shop longer than 25 minutes without needing to Read more.
I just spent 3 days with 140 successful people who I had no idea what they did. Why? Because nobody talked about work. Nobody talked about what they did. Nobody talked about followers Nobody talked about marketing plans. Everybody talked about their heart. Everybody talked about their families Everybody talked about their faith. And we just did stuff together. You see, sometimes the only thing keeping us from experiencing heaven on earth… Is us gazing at earth and only glancing at Read more.
When our time comes, and it will, there won’t be a U-Haul behind our hearse. We ain’t takin anything with us. But we are leaving tons. And I can’t think of anything better to leave on this earth than human beings that are literally DRIPPING in the love we bathed them in. This week is Valentine’s week. Some of you celebrate it. Some don’t. But whether you do or you don’t… Here are 3 ways you can celebreate the little girls in your life and set them Read more.
So basically we lied. A lot. And it worked. The kids thought we had caught a raccoon. Turned out it was their new puppy!!!! Meet Pope! Read more.
So I thought I’d put up our living room decor so you guys can see what a homemaking/decorating wife boss my wife is. She finds junk and turns it into jewels. She does that with people too. Like me! Many of you used to love her blog Whittaker Woman. Well, we all know she hasn’t blogged in years and I know you guys have missed her inspiration. So I’m going to try and throw Read more.
A non Christian friend of mine went to church last week with his brother. He said the worship leader kept saying that “Jesus is here!”. He said the worship leader kept asking “Jesus to slay us!”. He said the worship leader kept asking “Jesus please show your face to us!”. He said he was mortified. So I sent him this pic and he said… “YES!!! That’s exactly what I though was going to run Read more.
Hey Seanna.  It’s your dad.  The one holding you in the picture above this.  I love you more than life itself.  I wrote 10 things I think you should remember the next 10 years of life.  Some of them won’t make sense right now, but it will sooner than later.  Thanks for giving me the best 10 years of my life. 1. When you roll your eyes, roll them at 120 Read more.
When we had Sohaila ELEVEN years ago… Things were quite different in the baby parenting world. There was no hashtagging your baby’s name in every photo. There was no instagramming of every smile. And compared to todays strollers, our were tanks. But there are some things that have not changed about parenting. And that is going from 1 kid, to 2 kids. And how parents with 2 or more kids, look at first time parents with 1 kid, cock their heads left a little and say…”Awwww. How Read more.


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