The local church isn’t hinging on how you decorate it. The local church isn’t going to die if you don’t fix it. The local church isn’t in need of your systems. The local church isn’t going to fall apart without the next generation fixing the last generation’s version. The local church isn’t some experiment. The local church is the bride of Christ and will survive and thrive regardless of Read more.
Jason Wells, the kid who sat next to me in youth choir did me a huge favor in my quest for love. He left Mrs. Blankenship’s 9th grade homeroom back window open. Not at my high school. At his. Our rival high school. Lakeside High School I had paid him 5 bucks and a month’s supply of NERDS. Catherine Skinner sat in the seat next to him in homeroom. And Read more.
It is relatively new. To a degree. I mean the stained glass windows of the churches of yesterday were created by amazing artists and, I’m sure, in somewhat of a hope that it will allure people to worship their God more intensely. But I’m not sure that people came to a church service in order to stare at the windows for an hour. Somewhere in the Read more.
Tradition is a good thing. It brings a wealth of knowledge and history and alignment to a somewhat scattered church. Innovation is a good thing as it brings freedom, newness, and relevance to a somewhat stale church. Yet both of these things can become numbing. When you sit on a seat for too long your butt gets numb. I think we often numb the butts of our people and they need to stand up and walk around. Quit sitting on your church butt and let Read more.
Here is my summer. June 29 :: Providence Church – Albany, GA #MomentMaker July 2 :: 100 Huntley St. – Toronto, Canada #MomentMaker July 6 :: The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV July 13 :: Seymour First – Seymour, IN #MomentMaker July 20 :: Highland, VA July 23-24 :: Provost, UT August 9 :: Melbourne, FL August 10 :: The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV August 17 :: Butte, MT August 22-23 :: Overflow Read more.
I had an up close experience in a deep healing session last week and again am blown away by the power of the Holy Spirit. Most churches I have known don’t really get involved too deeply with demonic attachment for obvious reasons. Understanding being the primary reason for the distance. But Satan and his demons are as real as Christ and our angels. If ever there was a book that I would recommend wholeheartedly Read more.
I was reading Luke 7:36-50 this morning. In summary, one of the local Pharisees invited Jesus over for dinner. Jesus reclined at the table. (Le’t just say how much I can appreciate Jesus’ eating style. I recline like a bad boy myself. See mom! I don’t have to sit up. Jesus didn’t!!!) A random woman in town found out Jesus was hangin at Pharisee Joe’s house. The bible says specifically “She was a sinner” She Read more.
Yesterday my video with Danny apparently once again made the rounds on social media. I love it because it was quite seriously, one of the most amazing moments of my life. I wanted to share with you guys the edited version that Dust shot on his Cannon.  You can see him in the original video scrambling around to make sure that he captured Read more.
I was talking with my friend Ann a few weeks ago and we got to talking about platforms, tribes, and building your brand ect. All the rage on social media. I have a book coming out in March.   You have records to promote. We all have to pay the bills. What better way than to build our tribes?!   When I asked her about building a Read more.
“The Drop Box” – Documentary PROMO from Arbella Studios on Vimeo. Everyone has a purpose. When someone finds their purpose and then pours all of themselves into it, nations change. This is the story of a small town pastor in South Korea. And how he wound up changing the worlds of many. Lee Jong-rak is the creator of the Baby Box. His Baby Box is the first and only box in Korea that Read more.


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