I was reading Luke 7:36-50 this morning. In summary, one of the local Pharisees invited Jesus over for dinner. Jesus reclined at the table. (Le’t just say how much I can appreciate Jesus’ eating style. I recline like a bad boy myself. See mom! I don’t have to sit up. Jesus didn’t!!!) A random woman in town found out Jesus was hangin at Pharisee Joe’s house. The bible says specifically “She was a sinner” She Read more.
Yesterday my video with Danny apparently once again made the rounds on social media. I love it because it was quite seriously, one of the most amazing moments of my life. I wanted to share with you guys the edited version that Dust shot on his Cannon.  You can see him in the original video scrambling around to make sure that he captured Read more.
I was talking with my friend Ann a few weeks ago and we got to talking about platforms, tribes, and building your brand ect. All the rage on social media. I have a book coming out in March.   You have records to promote. We all have to pay the bills. What better way than to build our tribes?!   When I asked her about building a Read more.
“The Drop Box” – Documentary PROMO from Arbella Studios on Vimeo. Everyone has a purpose. When someone finds their purpose and then pours all of themselves into it, nations change. This is the story of a small town pastor in South Korea. And how he wound up changing the worlds of many. Lee Jong-rak is the creator of the Baby Box. His Baby Box is the first and only box in Korea that Read more.
I remember that day like it was yesterday. The bike was called the Supernova and my dad and I spent what felt like an eternity putting it together. I was the talk of the cul-de-sac for a week straight. It was the freaking SuperNova. You see that white Plymouth behind me? 7 days after we put this bike together that car was parked in the street. I don’t remember who was with me. It was either Chuck Read more.
I look at the life of Jesus. I look at his discipleship structure. I look at His church growth strategy. If we were to compare his “strategy” to todays “strategy” He would be the most inefficient minister on the planet. But why did He choose this way? Because a strategy of chaotic clusters bridged much stronger relationships than a strategy of safe circles. Let me explain. I’ve done small groups and Sunday school my entire life. Yes I’ve formed some great relationships. But over a LOOOOONG TIME. Last week I Read more.

My friends at New Release Tuesday will be here tonight along with Brad Lomenick. We are talking about the FIGHT we are obviously in. The Boston Attacks. How leaders should respond. And how music lifts people after and during tragedies. Sign Up HERE!!! And then tonight at 8 Central hit up Read more.

I hate it when preachers make prayer seem as easy as Super Sizing your order at Micky Dees. Because the truth of it is that I still don’t get it. I mean I do. But I don’t. It’s the weakest of my spiritual disciplines. The reason why it is the weakest is that most of the time, in prayer, I’ve been taught that it is used to get something. I think this comes from the “prayer Read more.
Christians are up in arms over gay marriage. But you know where the travesty lies Christian brothers and sisters? It lies in what shows up in Google when you search for “Easter”. Now quit trying to change peoples minds regarding if gay marraige should be legal and start telling people that Easter isn’t about bunnies and eggs. People will respond to you speaking about JESUS far greater than you Read more.


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