How many times have you been told to do something that deep inside your gut… You knew wasn’t what you wanted to do? You absolutely know better…but you do it anyways… Talk smack about that pastor who you drives you crazy. Completely avoid eye contact with that homeless beggar… Tell your 5 year old…”Not right now…” and then proceed to check your instagram feed. Listen… we have these moments everyday.  Moments where we get to choose Read more.
[Pope loves my book. That's all that matters. Repeat.] I’m 31 days away from the launch of my first book. [It's on presale for $3.99 by the way.  Skip the latte and feed my kids of you feel so obliged...] I’ve decided to document for you guys the emotional roller coaster that I’m on because so far…it’s been a WILD ride. And let me also get something else out of the Read more.
Last week I wrote this about my friend Don and his church journey. Lots of people I look up to disagreed STRONGLY with Don. Some presented those disagreements intelligently and some took pot shots in 140 characters. I’m grateful for Cameron and Relevant for giving Don this chance to speak his heart about the church. What are your thoughts on what you heard? Los Read more.
There is always a way. Musharaf “Mushy” Asghar has a massive stutter. New headmaster Mr Mitchell from Thornhill Academy in England saw The Kings Speech and had an idea for Mushy. I saw this on my facebook feed 4 times until I finally clicked play. Boy am I glad I did. Mushy found his voice. You can too… Los Educating Yorkshire is filmed at Thornhill Community Academy near Dewsbury, and captures every detail of life in the school following the work of headteacher Read more.
The Church Is Dying!!!!! Newsflash. No it’s not. And no it wont. Our sermon series are not saving the church. Our kids programs are not saving the church. Our slick logos are not saving the church. Our youth programs are not saving the church. Our killer conferences are not saving the church. Our new Nikon or Canon lenses are not saving the church. Our worship songs are not saving the church. Our scary stats about millennials leaving the church are not Read more.
Yesterday morning I was having coffee at The Perch. There was a table next to me. I saw this elderly woman make eye contact with the table, and begin her journey to claim it. About 2 second before claiming the table, this loud, obnoxious, business man having a very loud conversation with his bluetooth swooped in for the steal. Without even blinking he plopped his bag down and said…”Sorry lady. Too slow.” She dropped her head and started walking away. I looked at this Read more.
Hey buddy. It’s me. Or you. Whatever. We did it. And holy crap. We barely did it. What the? How did we end up here? I don’t know. But we did. You are 39 and 364 days. In other words… Tomorrow you turn 40. So on this last day of your 30′s I wanna remind you of a few things you’ve figured out the first 39 years of life. 1. Stop chasing your dream. By the Read more.
There are a few certainties in life. The only one we can really control is how hard we love right now. Everything else will soon fade away. Just a simple post to remind myself to call my dad today and tell him I love him. Go ahead and show some love today. Tomorrow may not come… Los Read more.


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