So I wrote this prayer… I prayed this prayer…And everything changed. It’s dangerous…But necessary… Pray it loud… Lord, Cut our hearts in half. Take the half that may belong to You and hold it, massage it it, redeem it, revive it. Take the half that belongs to us and destroy it, crush it, break it, defeat it. Fear is not the enemy. Fear is a facade that lies within the half of our hearts that belongs to us. Crush it. Death is not the enemy. Death is victory. Weeping may stay for Read more.
If you are a married man with kids and have a somewhat healthy family life I’m going to assume this the truth of your bachelor weekends.   You love you wife and kids. Like you love being with them, snuggling with them, and laughing with them. But when the opportunity presents itself for all of them to go out of town for a few days… Something rises from deep within. This feeling of freedom that you Read more.
I’m a really bad hunter.  Like horrible.  I’ve been hunting for 2 years now and have killed absolutely nothing. You know what that makes me? A really bad hunter. Once I had 4 deer under my tree stand and I didn’t shoot them.  Why?  Because I heard “The Big One” at the top of the ridge. Dreamers shouldn’t be hunters. I mean lets be honest.  I can’t even sit at the same spot in a coffee shop longer than 25 minutes without needing to Read more.
Mom loses job. Son every parent in the world would want finds car mom always talked about when he was a kid and she was a housekeeper. Son buys car. Son Gives Mom Car. SON MAKES US ALL CRY LIKE A BABY… It’s better that way… Los Read more.
I remember walking into our kitchen every morning on Sprucewood Dr. and seeing my dad sipping his coffee and reading the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. We would talk about the day while he was reading the paper. He would show me and fill me in on the days news. When he was done with the paper… He would throw it away. I remember when my dad Read more.
I had an up close experience in a deep healing session last week and again am blown away by the power of the Holy Spirit. Most churches I have known don’t really get involved too deeply with demonic attachment for obvious reasons. Understanding being the primary reason for the distance. But Satan and his demons are as real as Christ and our angels. If ever there was a book that I would recommend wholeheartedly Read more.
I just spent 3 days with 140 successful people who I had no idea what they did. Why? Because nobody talked about work. Nobody talked about what they did. Nobody talked about followers Nobody talked about marketing plans. Everybody talked about their heart. Everybody talked about their families Everybody talked about their faith. And we just did stuff together. You see, sometimes the only thing keeping us from experiencing heaven on earth… Is us gazing at earth and only glancing at Read more.
How many times have you been told to do something that deep inside your gut… You knew wasn’t what you wanted to do? You absolutely know better…but you do it anyways… Talk smack about that pastor who you drives you crazy. Completely avoid eye contact with that homeless beggar… Tell your 5 year old…”Not right now…” and then proceed to check your instagram feed. Listen… we have these moments everyday.  Moments where we get to choose Read more.
[Pope loves my book. That's all that matters. Repeat.] I’m 31 days away from the launch of my first book. [It's on presale for $3.99 by the way.  Skip the latte and feed my kids of you feel so obliged...] I’ve decided to document for you guys the emotional roller coaster that I’m on because so far…it’s been a WILD ride. And let me also get something else out of the Read more.
Last week I wrote this about my friend Don and his church journey. Lots of people I look up to disagreed STRONGLY with Don. Some presented those disagreements intelligently and some took pot shots in 140 characters. I’m grateful for Cameron and Relevant for giving Don this chance to speak his heart about the church. What are your thoughts on what you heard? Los Read more.


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