This is what happens when you have an 8 hour road trip from Nashville to Chicago and are bored beyond belief. So I need to know.  How many of you parents like TSwift as much if not more than your kids? Playa’s Gonna Play… Los Read more.
This past weekend I was blessed to share with my home church the fears, joys, and ordinary moments I have as a father.  Sitting around a picnic table with my friends Jake Locker and Pete Wilson we got intimate about being dads, and our dads.  It’s not a quick video. So I suggest watching it when you have 30 free Read more.
Today Losiah discusses The Oscars, Kissing, and Last Nights Dream… Make sure to subscribe so you never miss another episode and leave some comments on the channel for what you’d like us to discuss next time!!! What should we talk about next time? Los Previous Los and Losiah shows here!!! Read more.
When I wake up it feels like my eyes are literally in the back of my head. My face tingles. My breath is shallow. My limbs are a bit numb. My heart feels like it is beating at half the pace it normally does. Kisses from my kids do nothing to move me. I lay there looking at the ceiling wanting to pull the covers back over my head. But I can’t. Because I have to pay the Read more.
10 years ago last week Heather was PREGNANT. 10 years ago last week I wasn’t a father…yet. 10 years ago last week Heather and I were 10 years younger and 10 years greener. 10 years ago last week we sat in front of a video camera to document our thoughts a few days before we became parents. Oh what a grand idea that was. 10 years ago Saturday, Sohaila came into our world and changed everything we thought we knew. Hope you enjoy. Happy Birthday Sohaila. May Read more.
Last week on Twitter I documented the horrific and terrifying experience of my kitten, Riggins, getting his head stuck in a toy. Here is what happened… Yes. You just watched 3:33 seconds of that. Riggins Thanks You. #SaveRiggins… Los Read more.
After my night the other night… Um. Seriously? I cried the second his little girl saw him. Did you cry? Let’s just pass out the tissues… Los Read more.
To be a father takes focus, determination, and an unwillingness to never waver from the goal. Click here for more fathering advice I love my life. Los Read more.
In my lifetime, 35 years, I have seen “worship music” go from pipe organ and choirs, to acoustic guitars and camp choruses, to acoustic Dave Matthews wannabe worship bands, to Passion dominating the scene with loop based sounds, to Hillsong United bringing in 15 guitars to the stage with face melting licks. And soon that will be gone. I am fully aware that each one of these styles still exists. But I am pondering a few questions… 1. What is the Read more.


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