A few thoughts from my plane about my blog. So who knew? Who knew that after 9 years of blogging I would feel like I have nothing to say. It’s funny.  Most people that I meet say things like…”I love your blog.” But when I haven’t really used this space in so long I think maybe they love something that I used to be. But the truth Read more.
Last night I posted a picture online where I had changed my boarding pass number from 5 to 1 with an iPhone editing app. The horror. I thought it was funny so I posted it. Many on my Facebook feed pointed out I was a “douchebag”. One questioned since I can’t “lay down my bag then I can’t lay down my life”. Another pointed out that we, as Christians, are supposed to point out each others sins. Yet another told me to “Get over myself” All of Read more.
After 40 years of walking this earth, if you were to stand me up next to my earthly possessions… Many would say I have little to show for it. We live in a small rented condo in Nashville.  We only have one car.  All my kids sleep in one room.  The bank account is paycheck to paycheck or speaking date to speaking date. We buy our Read more.
I remember walking into our kitchen every morning on Sprucewood Dr. and seeing my dad sipping his coffee and reading the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. We would talk about the day while he was reading the paper. He would show me and fill me in on the days news. When he was done with the paper… He would throw it away. I remember when my dad Read more.
If the Christian organization you belong to… The church you are on staff at… The Christian conference you speak at… The selfie with famous Christian [fill in the blank]… Even remotely fills you with what the Jersey Shore kids or Bieber or Douche Bags everywhere call #Swag or #Swagger … Then you are dangerously close to creating a God out of yourself/your church/your organization/your conference/your social media channel. The look of awe and the look of Read more.
[Don't skip past the gif above this.  It may be the most powerful thing you see today] Gotcha.  I actually don’t drink and drive.  I do something worse. I text and drive. I have gotten so much better in the last year. It’s made me safer and the people around me safer. Just allowing my drive time to be a time of silence. I don’t even turn the radio on. It’s almost the most refreshing time of Read more.
I’m at my gate at the airport in Orange County. I get called to said gate counter at airport in Orange County. I give gate agent my name at said gate at airport in Orange County. Man leaning against counter at said gate at airport in Orange County snaps at me…”UM. DON’T CUT IN FRONT OF ME @$$****”. I snap back at man leaning against counter art said gate at airport in Orange County…”I Read more.
I’m a storyteller. I’m good at it. When I was a kid, I was the one picked to tell the ghost story before bed because everyone knew I would scare the hell out of David Tayler. His mom would hear his cry make me pack up and go back home for being mean. I smiled the whole way home. Why? Because I painted a picture for that kid that scared him to death. Well now I Read more.
Today as a writer I’m encouraged and focused. I’m making a decision to stop apologizing or making excuses. I wrote this book to help you feel and see what a Moment Making life is all about. To live with daily precision. I got this text from a friend who read my post the other day. If you don’t have friends like this… Go get one. And take it from my friend… Read more.
I tweeted this a few weeks ago…   Let’s make 2014 the year we go to church less and be the church more. — Carlos Whittaker (@loswhit) December 30, 2013     It was 140 characters. It wasn’t a book on what the church is. So therefor I got lit up.   @stevenamlister no way. If we don’t start teaching that the church isn’t a place but a people, we will continue to build a consumer Read more.


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