I’m at my gate at the airport in Orange County. I get called to said gate counter at airport in Orange County. I give gate agent my name at said gate at airport in Orange County. Man leaning against counter at said gate at airport in Orange County snaps at me…”UM. DON’T CUT IN FRONT OF ME @$$****”. I snap back at man leaning against counter art said gate at airport in Orange County…”I Read more.
I’m a storyteller. I’m good at it. When I was a kid, I was the one picked to tell the ghost story before bed because everyone knew I would scare the hell out of David Tayler. His mom would hear his cry make me pack up and go back home for being mean. I smiled the whole way home. Why? Because I painted a picture for that kid that scared him to death. Well now I Read more.
Today as a writer I’m encouraged and focused. I’m making a decision to stop apologizing or making excuses. I wrote this book to help you feel and see what a Moment Making life is all about. To live with daily precision. I got this text from a friend who read my post the other day. If you don’t have friends like this… Go get one. And take it from my friend… Read more.
I tweeted this a few weeks ago…   Let’s make 2014 the year we go to church less and be the church more. — Carlos Whittaker (@loswhit) December 30, 2013     It was 140 characters. It wasn’t a book on what the church is. So therefor I got lit up.   @stevenamlister no way. If we don’t start teaching that the church isn’t a place but a people, we will continue to build a consumer Read more.
Justin Bieber is in jail. He’s smiling in his mugshot. For you. And me. And because he knows it’s about to go around the globe for the world to see. I can promise you he’s not thinking he can buy his way out (which he will) and continue on with the party in Miami (which he probably will as well). Right now he is wondering who his real Read more.
Last night after my wife fell asleep I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw something that made my male hormones go into overdrive. I mean from zero to hero in 2 seconds flat. The banner on the side of my screen did it’s job. Heather was sound asleep. Like she doesn’t wake up in an earthquake. And so I stared at the “not totally inappropriate image” (What Read more.
I’ve been 40 for 4 months. Here are 4 things that have made my 40’s better than any decade I’ve ever existed in. 1. I stopped trying to fix my marriage and finally fixed myself. Why did it take me this long to figure it out? I wish with everything inside of me someone would have let me know that the way to a fantastic marriage isn’t through focusing on Read more.
When I pulled up to Starbucks this morning I was looking for a parking spot and there were none. But I saw a man leaning in a minivan and so I waited. Then he leaned back out, shut the door and walked back by me. “#$@!” I thought. Then I saw him get into another car and start digging around. “This guy is trying to kill me with my own inpatience” I said out Read more.
When Ben Nunery and his wife Ali got married in 2009, they had just closed on their new house, so they took the opportunity to take their wedding photos in the empty home. Just four and a half years later, after Ali’s tragic death from cancer at at the age of 31 in 2011, Ben and his young daughter Olivia got ready to move to a new house, but they Read more.
I have such jacked up view of the word love. I told that girl I dated that I loved her only to use her. I was told by that scary man when I was 5 that he loved me only to be scarred by him. I told my wife that I loved her only to destroy her. I was told by that pastor that he loved me only to have him stab me Read more.


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