• mpt

    This is awesome. And I love how hard he’s trying to not freak out and be cool and remember that the cameras are rolling.

    • HeatherEV

      Seriously. Stuck up in front of everyone and having nothing to say. But he did play it off well.

  • Julie

    I remember days when presidents didn’t need notes to make remarks. They spoke from their heart!

    • Ted

      I can’t ever remember a time when any politician didn’t prepare the things they were going to say. But then I’m only 53 maybe I don’t remember back in “the day”.

      • Emily

        ***high-5′s Ted***

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  • Tom

    “people” – that is crazy! who calls those team members who serve them so faithfully “people”???

  • eli

    Ha! That was funny! As for politicians speaking without notes…has that ever happened? Even Lincoln wrote down the Gettysburg address…oh well…that clip was funny!


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