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Roger Boddie is retiring as the principal of Hingham Middle School in Massachusetts after 36 years.

Pass the kleenex…


  • Andrew P.


    *sniffle* *grabs kleenex*

    Now THAT is how to impact the future generation.

  • debbie henderson

    gracious….seeing the good never, never, never gets old…::grabbing a kleenex:::

  • JeannaB

    I’m gonna have to stop watching the videos and looking at the pictures you post. I swear I either explode into laughter like some sort of deranged over-stressed mom while in public or begin blubbering like a baby and freaking my kids out while at home….

    But, that was awesome. And how cool is it that part of your “job” makes it possible for you to sit in a coffee shop and scour the web for amazing videos like this one?!

  • Denise Drake

    That’s what kids respond to, adults who believe in them! Thanks Los . Seeing how I’m an elementary principal I needed two boxes of kleenex…

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  • jessica raczka

    You warned me…but here I am crying at work!

  • CeeQ

    CRYING AT WORK. Thanks a lot!

    Wow what a great video. I love how he says, after 36 years of service – “I don’t deserve this…these kids..” What a great man.

    Also: yes Sir, kids will do anything to get outta class! haha

    Good luck Mr. Boddie!


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