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It’s been a while since I’ve asked this question…
What’s your day job?



  • Terry Jackson

    Teaching ESL mostly to business professionals and proofing translated texts, in Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Alicia K

    Writer/Graphic Designer/Storyteller in the Developement department of a homeless services provider in downtown Orlando…

  • Albert

    Mr. Mom

  • Jon Stolpe

    Operations Manager/Engineer for a building automation company

  • Caleb Jennings Breakey

    Writer, Harvest House, “Following Jesus (Without Leaving the Church)”

  • bryankhill

    Domestic Engineer – Stay at home Dad! Saved, don”t pay any attention to what @pastormark says or has said about us!

  • Greg Simmons

    Manager – External Affairs for a telecommunications software company (to pay the bills).

    For fun: Amateur photographer (selling artwork on Fine Art America) and trying to start Voice Over work (I’ve done it for our company and for the SC Baptist convention – want to do more).

  • Brad Robertson

    Technical Documentation Associate… don’t ask me what that’s supposed to mean, because I sit at a desk all day and answer questions about pricing orders both domestically and internationally for a global corporation. Nothing technical about it haha

  • Linda McMillan

    Medical Marketing Photography at University Medical Center, Lubbock, Texas

  • Rick

    School counselor! Great gig.

  • Connor…

    Still an IT consultant working towards being a Photographer…

  • Brittany Alexander

    Full time nanny to two kids.

  • Jeremy

    iOS/Mobile Developer

  • James Dwyer

    Communications Office for New Wine, Christian charity working to see local churches change nations.

  • ThatGuyKC

    I’m responsible for the integrity of location-based data for a global coffee retailer.

  • Zachary Johnson

    CAD operator…

  • Chad Ray

    I edit christian training videos…. for the smallest pay ever for the amount of work I do. I want to be back working in music, anyone need a Stage Manager? Please? anyone?

  • Melissa Russell

    Administrative Assistant (aka assistant to Exec. Pastor, Receceptionist, Office Mgr, Financial Secretary, etc) at Graystone Church, in Loganville, GA (

  • ken dorsey

    Maryland High School Social Studies teacher to male students emotional disabilities.

  • prophetsandpopstars

    Glendale Presbyterian Church

  • mamawest777

    Reading interventionist for dyslexic students

  • Lindsey


  • Ben

    I make commercials for a local television station. I am working towards
    starting my own business in real estate and interior photography.

  • Julie Shreve

    Real Estate Agent

  • Virgil Richardson

    Marketing Coordinator at a coffee company in ….. (wait for it) Seattle. Aren’t stereotypes fun?

  • Anson Sexton

    Insurance Underwriter for the Auto Club of Southern CA… life in the cube.

  • Ryan Richardson

    Small Community Bank Vice President/ Lender

  • Ninja Pastor

    Field service representative for local water co.
    I shut your water off when you don’t pay the bill. Yup I got a ton of fans

  • Hayley

    Account Manager for a web development firm.

  • Anna Stevenson

    I’m a meeting planner / program manager that focuses on planning pharmaceutical meetings.

  • Brian Scaglia

    eCommerce Director for the Flatirons dealer group here in Boulder, CO (<—-since it's Boulder I don't wear a tie and occasionally I wear sandals)

  • Adriana Feliz

    middle school math teacher.

  • Matt Hafer

    Enrollment Counselor at the best University in the Country and might I say every time I see that photo of those guys eating lunch I have an anxiety attack and develop a theory that when everything was black and white instead of color people were crazy

    • Stephen P.

      I’ve always wondered what is cut out of this photo, exactly.

  • Shane

    Wilderness Youth Minister and Staffing and River Manager for Youth Dynamics, an Adventure Youth Ministry in the Northwest

    • R W

      I know who you are! Totally random. :)
      How’s the snow at the ranch right now? Been checking the snow at the pass- sounds like nasty skiing.

      • Shane

        Snow at Stonewater is shrinking. We have had sunny, windy days that are certainly diminishing our base.

        • R W

          Bummer. I’d love to get up there before it’s all gone!

  • Jason Haynie

    Programmer for AV Company

  • Shirley Baker

    Securities Specialist in the Operations Department at a Trust Company in Louisville, Kentucky :)

  • Michael Lettner

    Bridge Engineer. I design highway/city bridges and retaining structures in OK.

  • caseybradford

    Corporate Webmaster. Building websites #LikeABoss

  • Shirley B.

    Securities Specialist in the Operations Department of a Trust Co.

  • Hannah Rhymes

    High school student, and product photographer.

  • Kyle Reese

    I travel and sell custom riding apparel around the world.. In particular, I sell Saddleseat, Huntseat, and Drassage riding apparel…with 90% of it being Saddleseat. In other terms…I get to share Jesus and love on all of the rich and wealthy horse people around the country/world.

  • Kenny D

    Non-profit director in Michigan. working to convert our non-profit from a state-funded agency to a fee-for-service training and video production non-profit.

  • Andy Gergen

    Mobile Marketing. Lead Account Coach.

  • Melissa Godwin

    Studio art major concentrating in fibers. In other words, I take after my Daddy. Psalm 139 =]

  • R W

    Highschool student and swimmer.

  • Jesse Dresselhaus

    Day-job: Student. Night-job: friend. Day and night: Disciple of Christ.

  • wvpv

    software engineer, specializing in email automation

  • JeannaB

    Housekeeper, cook, chauffeur, activities planner, accountant, budget manager, advisor, judge, jury, warden. Yeah, I’m a SAHM. I’m also a full time student, an independent contractor with a company that does website evaluation for another corporation, and an army wife which makes me a semi-pro moving specialist, LOL. Oh yeah and I’m a wannabe novelist too.

  • samueljohn

    (Am I really the first “worship leader” to post, after 50 posts? That says something cool about your readership!)

    Call me cliché for reading this blog, but… I’m the Creative Director of a multi-ethnic church in South Bend, Indiana. I lead worship, produce videos, and help manage all things creative here. Living the dream!

  • Ashley Taylor

    I have a few. I am a nurse, homeschool mom, and girl scout leader.

  • jonwellman

    I sell gear to first reponders – police / fire / ems.

  • mike brennan

    Graphic designer @ Liquid Church

  • Alan Thomas

    I’m a floor leader at Buckle, full time. No, I don’t like affliction, and no, I’m not a douche. Haha. I want to own my own business and this is the best training I could have ever asked for. My condolences to all the churches who have to suffer through their pastors wearing our clothes…

  • Chris Burke

    Teaching pastor

  • Auntie J

    Oh, gosh. At the moment? Couch potato, but that’s because I’m recovering from major surgery. Otherwise…stay-at-home-mom meets indie editor.

  • Sasha

    Stay at home mom, homeschooler, blogger for

  • Carrie Clayburne

    Gas station manager. Our gas price jumped up 20 cents today….everyone hates me.

  • Amy Walker

    Senior Research Specialist. Church planter’s wife. In grad school pursuing my master’s in English education.

  • Christy

    Residence Life Coordinator for a small university….I just started a few months ago and I love it!

  • Lee Cooke

    Timeshare sales for Diamond Resorts.

  • Dan

    Spiritual Life and Program Director at the Evansville Rescue Mission, moonlighting as a marketing/web consultant at

  • Madison Willoughby

    college student, grant writer for local non-profits & after-school tutor for ESL students at The Y!

  • Daniel Decker

    Marketer / Influence Builder (Books, Product Launches, Platform Development)

  • Kevin Shoop

    Content analyst/publisher for the HR department of an insurance company #SadTrombone

  • Rhys Lake

    Helping people off the unemployment benefit in Auckland, New Zealand. Ordained pastor and would love to work full time in church again. Amateur photographer and voluntary youth pastor.

  • Kim

    Development and Communications Officer for a nonprofit that helps survivors of domestic violence, near Boston.

  • Liz Roberson

    Mama to the sweetest 5 year-old and 3 year-old boys. :)

  • Hans Schiefelbein

    Certified arborist

  • Jeff Bajenaru

    Minor League Pitching Coach for the AZ Diamondbacks

    • Virgil Richardson

      Fell in love with J.J. Putz when he was here in Seattle. Heck of a pitcher, even better human being. Sad he’s with you guys now!

  • inOhio1976

    Competence Development Responsible (HR) for a major retailer. Former Family Life Pastor. Father & husband…

  • jennybek

    Currently admin assistant @ church/preschool. Aspiring glamour photographer to build the average woman’s self image.

  • Charles Maier

    Starbucks Barista

  • Brynn Shamp

    Co-founder of Destiny Encounters with my Evangelist hubby! Livin’ my dream!

  • Chris Walker

    Technical Support Representative aka help desk call center phone monkey.

  • Molly Moore

    Volunteer extraordinaire & SAHM

  • Jeff Arrandale

    Underwriting manager for a large insurance company.

  • Andy King

    IT recruiter for an IT staffing company.

  • cori

    teacher: grades 4-6 music & grades 7-9 health; I’m also a school administrator.

  • michelle

    mom- birth and adoptive :)

  • Sarah Thompson

    Teller supervisor at a bank.

  • Stephen P.

    Now a lecturer at the University of Nottingham’s international campus in Semenyih, Malaysia, teaching language and literature.

  • wdkunkel

    Windows System Admin. (Mac user by noche)

  • Jannae T

    Church Admin Assistant in Southern Cali.


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