Posted by loswhit in Mid Afternoon Distraction

This happens to me all day every Sunday.
So I always recover with a hug.
When is the last time this happened to you and what’s the solution?

  • Jessica


  • Kevin

    Kinda looks like their own little secret handshake.

  • Tony Steward

    I shake the closed fist


    I punch their hand like I’m a boxer.

    Both are done as if that’s how it’s supposed to be done.

    Then I walk away #likeaboss

    • Matt


  • Cory Kent

    oh man- i feel the pain… #awkward

  • Jennie Allen

    just a guess… but I bet you are the fist bump dude. He is cooler.

  • Joey Bergeron

    I like to keep my hand up and then moonwalk away! Makes it even funnier.

  • Jake Hill

    That’s how all the cool kids are doing it these days. Fist bump to fist catch to bro-shake. Get with it Los!!! Love doesn’t fist bump…it has an awkward hand shake…

  • Korin

    Pretend you’re playing paper, scissors, rock.

    • Brendt Wayne Waters

      You forgot lizard and Spock

  • e

    a distorted awkward turkey!

  • mo

    I bust out a business hug.

  • Lana Hope


  • nathan

    so happy.

  • Luke W.

    Happens to me all the time… I think we should all decide on ONE handshake to use.
    Always super awkward. And ending with a hug is good.

  • Brandon

    We actually coined a term for this… “befuggled”. There are many notorious befugglers at our church. I have two solutions that work pretty well. The cause of the befuggle is indecision. Since people are almost always expecting you to lead out with some sort of cool secret shake, the more agressive and decisive you are, the better things go. The other thing I like to do from time to time is just embrace the awkwardness and intentionally become the befuggler.

    I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this.

  • Kimpy

    If I’m the open palm guy I always wrap my hand around the fist and yell, “Paper beats rock, sucka!” and walk away.


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