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This was originally posted December 18th, 2009.  Seems like I have gotten some traffic that has no idea the story behind the video…so I have reposted for you newbies!  Enjoy!!!

Save us from these comforts.
Break us of our need for the familiar
Spare us any joy that’s not of You
And we will worship You

This is one of my favorite choruses on my upcoming album.
It brings out strong reactions in people.
I’m finding 2 reactions the most popular.

1. What? Really? C’mon. You don’t really want to sing that.
2. Oh my God. This is the chorus that my church has needed to sing for years. I can’t sing it enough. BREAK US LORD!!!

Through my conversations with the reactionaries I am finding some things to be consistent.
Those who are comfortable in their faith really aren’t hip with too much disturbance and disruption in their mojo.
I get it.
If things are good. If things are stable, why ask God to save us from these comforts?
And those who are desiring something…”more”…from whatever it is they are searching for, are singing this chorus until their voices give out.

Neither is wrong. Neither is right.
But I do know this.
I grow in my faith the most when I am disturbed and disrupted.
I get a spiritual fat @** when I’m not.

This chorus is taken from a book of Puritan prayers.
Those guys wanted something extra.
Something I don”t quite understand. Or didn’t.
Until I met Danny.

Danny is a homeless guy in Atlanta who happened to walk up on me while I was shooting the EPK for my new record.
I was singing the song…God Of Second Chances.
Danny walks up…kneels down…starts crying…puts his hands up in the air…and…

If you listen carefully at the end you hear me saying this to Danny.
“Keep trying to make it man.”
He looked me square in the eye…cocked his head sideways with a confused look on his face…and said,
“Trying to make it? No man. I ain’t trying to make it…I’m making it. Jah puts His soldiers everywhere. Jah says, Yea though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death… So He places some of us, in that valley.”

Game, set, match…

Save us from these comforts.
Break us of our need for the familiar
Spare us any joy that’s not of You
And we will worship You


  • Melissa

    And God speaks…

    • Los


      • Robert Thomas

        Carlos, ur video is going all around the world! I’m from Malaysia and have just sent this link to evertone in my add book.

        I have 3 questions

        1) Did you manage to find Danny again?
        2) Do you have the full transcript for this video as some of Danny’s words during and after the song is difficult to understand? We believe that Danny is an angel and may have a message for mankind.
        3) On the last line of the song, did Danny say “1 John(1st book of John), One Creator…?

      • Katy C

        Wow….that was beautiful. Just beautiful. One Yah, One Creator, One Father. This will stick with me forever. Thank you.

    • Sarah

      Makes me wonder if God asked me to be a soldier on the streets…would I do it? We I reside in the valley to help others?

      I am much less quick to judge the homeless now. Whom I am to so quickly label them as “have-nots”?

      Tahnk you.

    • http://facebook laura mann

      When I saw this video the Holy spirit came over Me,I bought a house and just that same day I was all upset because they have not given us a date of closing,so I was complaining ,even though God brought me this far that wasn’t enough,I wanted it to be a done deal.I sat down that night with my Laptop and I saw this video,I felt such conviction,I was worried about a closing date and here was this homeless man who didn’t even have a home,singing and thanking and praising God,wake up call,I am thankful right where I am at.I can not get that song out of my head.

    • Donna Lawrence (Blake)

      What a powerful and inspirational testimony to God’s power and might! We are all His children and I am so glad I was blessed to find this video and your blog. May God continue to shower His blessings upon you! In Christ’s name I pray…Amen

  • ryan guard

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Danny was an angel is disguise.

    Great post man.

    • Los

      We are entertaining them.

      • Diana

        And they seem to be entertaining us right back. P.T.L. wow, My favorite song honest, heard it about a month ago,and can’t get enough. Start every day with it and every night and to everyone I know. God has taken my comforts,( I was honestly beaten almost to death in april by a drunk boyfriend)so I lost my house,my things because when the victums advocate sent me to Orlando to hide and counsel me, my house was stripped of anything of value, my familiar( mom and daddy both died, both sisters moved 1000 miles away and I am in a new place with no friends and I keep trying to get to a church 1 mile away, but my brain( kicked really hard in head with steele toed boots) sometimes just makes me black out and I ran off the road last week just coming home from church 1 mile away.Praise God I didn’t hit anyone. Now I am praying for God to take away any joy that is not from Him, dirty jokes, making fun of others…. So I love the verses you came up with. I am actually living them. And In ALL honesty, I am happier than I have ever been. Life is so different, I get to be different, and trust me I am creating a whole new persona thanks to God. He has even put me in some apts. for the disabled ( me) and the elderly. So far someone has died each month. So he put me where he could use me. Things that used to matter do not anymore. And I couldn’t Love God any more than I do now. I count on him for everything. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing this video. It honestly changed my life for the better. I don’t complain so much anymore,or harbor hatred and anger. So thank you again for this. I bet you never thought this would change peoples lives, really and truly, but it has, and still is. thank you, and God bless everything that you do. From the bottom of my heart. Sorry so long, but really true. btw: I am in middleburg, (lol) Fl. thank you so much.

  • Flav

    very very cool. one God, one Creator, one Father. well done, when is that album coming out ?

    • Los

      EP. Jan 26th

  • bobby

    Umm…wow. Just wow.
    That was pretty sic dude.
    Love those divine appointments.
    And can’t wait to get my hands on that song bro.

    By the way, I think you need to bring Danny in for the album on that one!

    • Cleriston [tom] Antunes

      YES Bobby…just WOW…
      that was great…

      • Los

        Yes sir

    • dhadz

      that’s right maybe i want to see Danny in this album.. One God, One Creator, One Father. nice Danny!

  • Reggie

    Well what do you know…looks like God just wrote the remix for the song.


    • Los

      Yup. Now we just gotta find Danny

      • April

        please find danny i would love to hear his voice on the album!!! amazing that god puts his angels so close to reach and we walk past and look down.. never again an whole new outlook

      • Trela Haralson

        Did you look in L5P? How about the 5 Points MARTA station? Check with the Salvation Army shelter and the Task Force for the Homeless. If you show this video around those places, someone might recognize him.

  • Kelly C.

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That was amazing!!!!!!!!!! You’re awesome. Definitely appreciate your posts and how real you are.

  • Nate Davis

    “jah puts His soldiers everywhere”

    that did it for me…

    • Los


  • Marcus Williamson

    So real. God continues to be awesome! When we realize how blessed we are it doesn’t matter where we are in life personally, God is God and we are in His hands. I’m so glad you got to experience this first hand and that you allowed us to get a glimpse of this. God knows where to put people, His soldiers are truly everywhere.

    • Los

      His soldiers are everywhere

  • Jennifer

    wow! what an AMAZING experience that must have been! just watching it brings tears to my eyes.

    “So He places some of us, in that valley” such confidence in God’s sovereignty, awesome. I needed that reminder.

    • Los

      I watch it over and over and over again.

      • http://none Charlene McNabb

        I watch it over and over again as well… it is one of the most touching things I have ever seen… In our daily walk if we are willing to be interrupted… it makes for the most interesting and divine appointments… thank you!!

      • dhadz

        same here every morning, every time i wake up early in the morning i will open my laptop just to listen this music. i know God planned this to inspired us.

  • Melyndiana Jones


    • Los

      Me too. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Diana

    wow. Amazing! I really love danny’s voice. you should hire him Carlos! greetings all the way from Venezuela. God bless

    • Los

      We are actually looking for him to see if he can remix it.

  • Josh

    As if the sun rising doesn’t reveal God’s presence enough, He just did it another way right here….awesome.

    • Los

      Entertaining angels.

  • Kendra

    How absolutely powerful.

    • Los

      Agreed. I’m reminded of how much I should be grateful for and how my stuff does not equal happiness

  • amy sanders

    amazing. oh that my response to others worshipping would be to bow and worship…i mean really, who does that? who walks up in the middle of someone filming something and just kneels and worships?

    and friend, what a sweet gift of God to you to get a small taste of the fruits of your obedience. he delights in you.

  • Jessica

    That was gorgeous. I think Danny is an amazing example of the freedom God has to offer all of us if we are willing to walk with him.

    • Los

      Amen a thousand times.

  • Art


    What book was that line from. I need more of that.

  • Jen C

    “Hallelujah is the highest praise…”

    Wow. Am I living my life as a hallelujah to God?
    Am I living my life so that others will see the God I am praising?

    (Thank you so much for posting this. I had to peel myself off the floor and then mop up my tears.)

  • Tom


  • Makeda

    Great post! I’ll go to bed tonight with those words in my head. One God, One Creator! Beautiful moment orchestrated by God. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Tyler


  • mikeraburn

    I like the chorus and I can’t wait for the album. I hope we sing it at my church, but my pastor already hates “Sweetly Broken” so we may have to sneak it in (wouldn’t be the first time). The Puritans might not admit it, but they got that prayer from Thomas Aquinas (who probably got it from Francis of Assisi):
    May I not rejoice in anything
    unless it leads me to You;
    may I not be saddened by anything
    unless it turns me from You.

    May I desire to please no one,
    nor fear to displease anyone,
    but You.

    May all transitory things, O Lord,
    be worthless to me
    and may all things eternal
    be ever cherished by me.

    May any joy without You
    be burdensome for me
    and may I not desire anything
    else besides You.

    May all work, O Lord,
    delight me when done for Your sake
    and may all repose not centered in You
    be ever wearisome for me.

    It’s from a longer prayer called “For Ordering a Life Wisely.” It’s one of my favorites to pray, so I posted it on my blog a while back:

    Thanks for the thoughts, esp. Danny’s.


  • mcl

    Love it!!! Praise the Lord!
    You can’t script stuff like this.
    For me it was Larry.
    It’s amazing how we can randomly and spontaneously love and serve each other and how God can totally rock our worlds when we’re open and yield to the prompting of his Spirit.

  • Lita-NJ

    That was awesome!!!!!!! For someone to just jump in a song like that is talented!!

  • Kyle Reed

    After a really tough day for myself I needed to read this but I also needed to see this video.
    Perfect timing on this video and hearing from God.
    Thanks for sharing, even when you are on Vacation.

    • Los

      no sweat.

  • Jeremy

    Awesome! Lately, my life has fallen into the second category, and “break my heart for the things that break Your heart” has been my prayer.

    God continues to amaze me with the people he brings into our lives. This was easily the highlight of my week so far.

  • Jason Curlee

    wow bro…if we could take that to heart…I think so often the comforts do keep us from serving Him..

    Save us from those comforts

  • 6YearMed

    I was going to say “once in a lifetime” but I wonder if this could be a much more frequent event if I would cross the street without shutting my eyes and holding my breath. I hope you find him again. Though, I guess he found you.

  • Richard H. Wendland

    WOW!!! Talk about a “God moment” caught on tape!!! Very possibly the coolest video I’ve ever seen!

  • jacob

    Amazing video in so many ways. One of the most pure, honest acts of worship I’ve seen in a long time.

    I had a conversation kind of like that with a fisherman while on a mission trip to Andros Island. I was watching the sunrise and he came up and talked for a bit. The guy had a story and said that after living in the United States for a couple of years and coming back home, he appreciated what God had provided for him on Andros….. He lived in a one-room shack. A reminder that I need to shut up when my satellite signal goes out.

  • Ally Simpson

    Last week, we sat in a group in Church & heard about the hard work of our new ‘community outreach worker’ who has, for the first time in our Church history, REALLY made ground in the neighbouring housing estate………….its the best known estate in the county, for all the wrong reasons………..

    to cut a long story short, someone asked if “those people” were out of the middle of “that place” would they have a better life? Would they be happy?

    The reply reflected what Danny said, thanks for the reminder


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  • Carolyn Chapman

    Carlos, Hallelujah is all I can say. How blessed was I by your song and your heart for Danny….yes indeed we need to be Saved from our Comforts, this was True Worship in it’s purest form…..Thanks for humbling me!!!!!

  • leigh

    That was truly one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life. As I sit here with tears streaming down my face my prayer to God is when I get fat and happy in my faith he would bring me back to this moment and show me what true worship and relationship looks like. What a divine appointment, indeed.

  • Lana

    Carlos, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now and this post is by far the most amazing thing you have ever posted. I see God working in your life and busting out in a million new ways as you set out on yet another adventure.

    Thanks for living a fabulous story.

  • Juliet deWal

    Oh, to live with such bountiful joy in the midst of suffering, humility without shame and faith where trust has not been proven.
    Thank you.

  • Joni Ruhs

    I keep trying to come up with something profound and cool to say. Got nothin’. I’ve just been encouraged exponentially by a homeless man 600 miles away. Nice.

  • joy renée

    wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!!
    THIS will preach.
    seriously. i have no words. just amazing.

  • joy renée

    (also now i’m singing his little melody over and over in my head. can’t get it out. not that i mind…)

  • Marcus Williamson

    Even better the second time around!

  • Shannon

    Do you know how many times I’ve listened to this??? It keeps getting better…

  • Jason

    I’m ashamed to say that Danny’s last words were more discouraging than encouraging to me right now. Danny’s one special guy, that’s for sure.

  • mandythompson

    I’m speechless

  • Catherine

    Very very cool.

  • Donovan Anderson

    Love the lyrics! And love the encounter!

  • brian wurzell

    UNBELIEVABLE! I love when God brings the unexpected to remind us, to center us and to give us a gift like Danny. I sat here with my wife and mom watching this video with wet eyes. Thankful for the Danny’s of the world today.

    I’m praying that God would open my eyes to see and love the Danny’s of the world. I’m glad you ran in to this rad dude and holy crap…dude had some deep words in his rhymin’! Stoked to see how the footage makes it on the EPK!

    Keep pursuing all that’s in front of you Los. It’s fun to be a part of your life and to watch God put His hand on your ministry. I’m thankful for ya bro!

  • michael

    I just dropped by my apartment after dealing with what I considered to be some really important stuff.. I fired up the laptop and took a peek at this site for some reason…I dont have words.. hallelujuah

  • Justine Ray

    This is truly amazing! God has such an amazing way of putting things in perspective for us. Thank you so much for sharing this priceless experience with us

  • OPstyle


    The chills I got and smile on my face watching that– and I wasn’t even THERE!

    Our God, is an awesome God!!!!!!!

  • Dan Price

    Great stuff, really hope you find Danny for the remix.

    “Hallelujah is the highest praise” is stuck in my head.

  • Mike

    I was moved! That is awesome! I imagine that would put a whole new spin on how the song was supposed to sound.

  • Kim

    No words…just tears…

    Thank you Danny

  • michael

    I keep coming back to this, texted friends and told them to check it out, hearts will be changed by this..

  • jackalopekid

    I’ve watched this vid like 5 times. love it

  • JudyK

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  • karen spears zacharias

    That is one of the most moving moments I’ve seen all year. Thank you.

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  • Amanda Sims

    Amazing. God took it to a completely unexpected and wonderful place.

  • pendy

    There are no words. I’m speechless.

  • Crystal

    These are the real moments by which we measure the significance of our lives. I was utterly moved and wanted to thank you for sharing that experience, from one child of God to another…

  • Shayne

    What a selfish &*%$# I am. Thanks for holding the mirror up to my face.


  • Christi D.

    This video brought tears and smiles. What an amazing encounter. God is so cool! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Meghan

    i know it shouldn’t surprise me anymore when God sends little nuggets of amazing-ness like that, but it does. I absolutely love this video!

  • Jam

    Dude I got a little something in my eye watching that. A beautiful experience. What was going through your mind and your body as that happened? What thoughts did you have? You must have felt the Spirit in that moment. I felt it just watching that. That experience says so many things about how creative the Creator is. Thanks for sharing that. James aka Jam.

  • Chris

    Amen…..glad you posted this. Glad I could worship Him with you guys this Saturday afternoon. What a blessing. Amen.

  • Mark Howell

    You never know when or how…just that it will happen. Thanks for posting this Carlos. What a moment!


  • Jim

    carlos…that’s just the coolest collaboration i’ve ever seen…touching!

  • herc

    Be still in the presence of the Lord…BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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  • Loran Lichty

    That’s awesome. Great job. very moving.

  • Carol

    That was incredibly beautiful… I hope you find him again to record the song with you! Keep us updated!

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  • Jenn

    That was awesome and so worshipful! I love how that came together!!

  • Bryan Tabb

    I pity the fool who doesn’t buy this album.

    Love it… Please tell me you’ll be mixing in the reggae when you tour with this song!

  • dave miers

    love it los love it!

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  • Nathan Abbe

    man… God may have just opened some huge doors for that man! i admire his willingness to even show up and worship with you while filming!

    If you find him and get him to record with you that would be awesome! i am sending this video to everyone i just love it so much. God is good…

    id also love to hear more of dannys story and how he came to Christ…
    Godbless you man..

  • tymm

    I gotta be honest – I am not impressed or moved by much. call me jaded, cynical, bored… whatever…

    But this? This video moved me. Danny is a rock star, a true soldier of God. Church in America could stand to learn so so so much from him.

    I want to meet him.

    • Los

      Don’t just say it. Central park. Atl. He’s waiting.

      • tymm

        thanks – i was curious what park you were at.

        Danny’s attitude is one you rarely find in America – it’s so freaking refreshing to hear that.

        I believe with every ounce of energy that I have in me that God dwells in poverty. He lives in pain. He takes up permanent residency in desperation.

        I’ve never been closer to God than when I was lowest in life (death of my son). I have since spent time trying to get back to that place without experiencing that same pain – but have slowly come to the realization that we are supposed to share in both Jesus resurrection AND his suffering. We Americanized Christians don’t like the thought of that…

        But Danny – man Danny is right there with it.

        I believe he knows God and knows Him well.

        So thanks for the locale info – and I ain’t just saying it. I don’t have a ministry. I don’t sing or dance. I barely walk upright. But as a guy who came to christ late in life – I desire with a burning passion to have what Danny has.

        Thanks for this man…

      • tymm

        hey los – is that central park down there off of Linden Ave. – kind of behind Mt. Sinai Baptist Church? Or is there another one?

  • fermin-your dad

    I am never surprise when our Father brings joy to my heart. I pray for the Dannys all around us. Mine is a 40 year old man (Robert), I often see on the sidewalk of our office. I always stop, because Jesus stopped for “blind Bartimaeus” and he also stopped for me. Love you, son…

  • Marshall

    No joke, I’m showing this to my church tomorrow night and gonna worship God with Danny’s words with my congregation…

    Hallelujah and the Highest Praise!

    What a blessing. Especially in a time when so much of life rivals for our praise and attention during this season.

    Simply Amazing.

  • Gary Boal

    Absolutely astounding! Class!
    Be class to see more and more ‘random’ moves of the Spirit like this. Thanks for sharing

  • Dave Carrol

    Los… that’s awesome. Had a somewhat similar thing happen Friday night and blogged about it (and your experience this morning. Thought I’d share.

    Blessing man

  • Dwayne

    Los…been reading your blog for a while now and that was by far the best post ever! I am always amazed at the way God moves among us in the world and stirs our hearts…i pray that i never become content and comfortable in my walk with God.

    God Bless

  • keith coury

    thanks God for bringing Danny into our life for a brief moment! Christmas was made for me in 5 minutes. That’s life changing stuff Carlos.

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  • Matthew

    This is indeed a very inspiring story! Thanks for posting it!

  • bondChristian

    This is insane. As I was watching, I kept asking myself, “Is this for real?” Praise the Lord… “Hallelujah in the highest praise.” (I think that’s what you both were singing, right?)

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

  • Crystal Renaud

    wow, no words. when i saw this on twitter (the short clip)… cried… and now watching the long version…i cried again.

    God is good. He’s everywhere.

  • @nicolewick

    One word comes to mind hearing what Danny has to say about his situation: Perspective. Thanks for sharing this Carlos. Cried through the entire thing. What a blessing.

  • Diane

    I don’t think I could add anything to the comments already posted.

    Yet another wrecking ball blow to my wall of complacency, that’s all.

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  • Laura McKeane

    Wow…what more can you say? The power of God…thanks for sharing that with us.

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  • Glenn Kelley

    Sometimes I miss being homeless…

    Read my post here:

    It is amazing how sometimes when we are no longer in the valley we forget that Hallelujah is the Highest Praise… and that we may have been placed in the Valley for a reason…

  • Cipher

    Wow… Maybe an angel, definately a true worshipper. That his worship causes others to worship…What a lesson he has taught. Truly hope you find him again, but if not, I thank God for being able to watch that one recorded moment in time. God bless your ministry.

  • Daniel Decker

    Wow. Powerful. God was/is there in that. Danny’s song.

  • Michelle George

    isn’t that just the most beautiful picture of God’s sufficiency and peace in Danny? WOW And what a reminder that God can use us wherever we are in this life. Bless you Los for your natural-ness and drawing this man in to worship the almighty God with you. You could have pushed him away out of your business. Your humility and authenticity is a beacon in this world of facades.

  • Anthony Cadena

    Los, man, that stuff is powerful! I get goosebumps every time I hear that. Thats an amazing song! can’t wait for the EP!

  • Rachel Durban

    woooow. amazing.
    beautiful song.
    beautiful worship to a beautiful God.

  • Justin Boggs

    Stumbled across this on Twitter. Amazing blessing. Danny has such a big spirit. The spontaneity he had in hearing God’s voice and responding with his whole heart, no inhibitions. And you recognizing what was going on and embracing it. Submitting your music to his interpretation and backing him up on “your” song. The grace, passion, and humility displayed by all parties in that clip is a model of what the Church is truly meant to be.

    Hallelujah in the highest praise will be going through my head for days now. Just awesome.

    • Los

      It was amazing.

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  • Sarah

    Blown away. Such anointing. Thanks for showing us…I think that’s one of the most beautiful things I have seen. I showed it to some of my family and it touched them as well. Love it.

  • Matthew Illian

    You need to bring Danny on tour. If you do, let us know when you’re coming up to Richmond, VA!

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  • Jim Upchurch

    I was really inspired by this, too.

    But I also caught myself wondering, “Is that guy a Christian or a Rasta?”

    Wiki Link:

    • Los

      Good point. But not THE point.
      There are some Rastas that are true Christans. There are some Catholics that are true Christians. And there are some Baptists that are true Christans.
      Obviously the moment did not lead to theological conversations. But the language he was using was biblical and the moment taught us to be strong in all moments and seasons of life.
      So rasta or christan in that moment, God used it for His glory.

      • Kyle Reed


      • Meesh

        In the words of Danny himself “ONE God, ONE Creator.”

        This is not an issue of denomination, or whom people choose to name their God, but more so, a message that regardless of political agenda’s (that may influence the religious views one is born into, or become affiliated) we are all united by a sole source; a sole Creator.

        Thank you, Carlos. As a self-proclaimed atheist, I came across this clip purely by accident; you and Danny are the very first who have managed to permeate the skin of this ignorant cynic – and have me question my faith.

        Without even trying (as many have attempted to, prior) you have changed my life. I’m not exactly sure where to begin – although, perhaps I already have…

        Hallelujah is the highest praise? So be it. Hallelujah. And thank you.

        • Carole

          Praise God for saving you! :) Thank you for sending Danny.

      • http://sorry,don'tthinkIhaveone,comp.illiterate.lolptl Diana

        perfect. I am sick of religeon. We need more Jesus less judgements, just like Jesus was,said,and did. I will never be the same after this. I know I am a late comer, but God put this here for me. I have NO doubt whatsoever. I am 52 a recent victum of a violent crime, p.s.t.d., ( which Jesus took away) no shirnk needed. Homeless, lost everything and there is Carlos and Danny. My thought life changed and I am on here every day since I found you last month. Praise God for you and your family, daughters and losiah. My thoughts are so different now, like Danny, I’m no longer trying, I AM making it. P.T.L. I also love the puritan prayer. I have changed so much. I just can’t get enough of reading my Bible all the time, and everyone telling me how I have changed. Thank you for this site, and I would love you and Danny, If you can find him??? to do God of Second Chances live. It is now my favorite song. I listen to it everyday. Praise God for second chances. :) God Bless

  • Sherri

    Wow did I need to see/hear this today. Thanks for sharing. God speaks to us in many ways.

    • Los

      So many.

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  • natalie

    Thank you Danny! this video did more to help me walk through this season of life right now more than anything else.

  • Beth

    I’m speechless. Praise God!

  • mike brennan

    simply amazing. i’d take that over a packed out church singing any day.

  • Effin

    Jah: Yeah Right. Up In Smoke Baby!!

  • Chris J

    Brother how cool is this?!?! Worship is the single most unifying activity … just like Danny said, though we are so varying in our expression, there is “One God, One Father” and it is HE who gives us life. THANK YOU for being in the will of God and sharing that moment with us!

  • Justin

    dang son. great post – i can’t believe i haven’t been following this blog/site already. this is legit, thanks for sharing! i am looking forward to hearing more about the album.


  • Carole Turner

    Hebrews 13:2 Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.

    I just did a blog post about entertaining Angels because I think we see more homeless angels then anywhere. I’m not romanticizing, my daughter has worked with for years and the homeless bless HER!

    Maybe you entertained an Angel? SO glad you got to have this experience. I cried watching it. Thanks for this.

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  • phil owen

    los…just strong stuff man. i know i’m echoing every other heart on this one…but that’s one of those moments, that yeah…we all hope you could hunt him down for a little remix…and if you can great…but that moment right there…we’re created for those moments…way not to miss it. Thanks for the reminder Los. And Danny…thank you for the reminder…Hallelujah is the highest praise.

  • Mik

    Hey Los. Thanks for posting. I just showed the vid to my youth group. We talked about Christmas and Jesus showing up in the strangest places/persons…
    Great inspiration!

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  • Jenn Wilson

    Wow! That just made my year. Incredible. Who knows….maybe you were “entertaining an angel unaware.” At any rate, it was just beautiful.

  • Kevin

    What a remarkable video. Absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing

  • Jake Schwein

    AMAZING!! Love the passion, emotion and the truth of what was shared in that moment!! I think sometimes people forget that the Danny’s of the world are incredible people that have something to offer us and not just us offering them something. thanks for posting this! INCREDIBLE

  • Eric B

    How often do I miss the God moments because of my own agenda…. How many Dannys to I pass by every day?



  • Lee

    Beautiful! I watched with tears. Thank you for not asking Danny to step out of frame so you could finish your shoot. Thanks for taking the time to worship with him.

    The Puritan’s prayer was a reminder of all the unnecessary stuff in my life that I thought would bring some sort of happiness, or even temporary peace.

    Big blessings on you!

  • jb

    amazing…i love God & the people and stuff He uses for to give us reality checks

  • Rachael Ensom

    Carlos, Okay chills…just got chills. Just showed that clip to my boyfriend who is new to Christ and were both touched by that. Awesome.

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  • dpaulo

    great stuff Carlos — love how he worked in a little pato banton at the end… “Lord have mercy, mercy, mercy…”

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  • Cindi

    On a day when I am stewing over, “Did I buy enough junk for Christmas?”…..Man! THANKS!!! I sure needed that.

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  • Shelby

    Man. That just stopped me in my tracks. That was so amazing. When I’m in a valley I want to feel like a soldier in the army of God, not just when I’m rejoicing, but when I’m broken. So amazing thanks for sharing!

  • Angie

    Thanks. I’ve listened to this several times today. What a blessing and a wonderful song. God is amazing and it’s so awesome sometimes in the places we find him.

  • Amy Savage

    Whoa. What an encounter with God. I have chills. “Save us from these comforts” indeed. May our only comfort this Christmas season be pushing ourselves into the uncomfortable and watching the God of the Universe show up and sweep us off our feet. Thanks for your heart, Danny. It has God written all over it.

  • Jaime

    amazing how when we think we are setting out for one purpose, God completely changes it up. Thinking of Danny and praying for him – thanking God for the unexpected blessing of “meeting” him.

  • Laura

    This is awesome. I get chills every time I watch it.

  • Jeff Goins

    This is awesome. Love how the Lord raises up worshipers wherever he wants. I guess it really is true – if we don’t praise him, the rocks will cry out.

  • Juanita

    I wanted to leave a response, but I don’t have any words…

    Thank you for sharing this.

  • Gary Humble

    makes me wonder how many opportunities we miss daily for God to spontaneously bust into our world…

    los, that was amazing dude.

  • Tawny

    This was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. God is so amazing and He is doing some amazing things through you :)

  • Mrs. Webster

    Found this site referenced on Ignite 107. I’m so glad he posted it, so I could see and experience this moment of God beauty. Thanks for being willing to sing the words He gives you, and especially for being open to other children of the King joining you. Wow.

    Here’s where’ I saw it first.

  • LeAnn

    The video was amazing!

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  • David Hale

    Reggaemuffin Soul!!! Bonus Track (Live version)?

  • Todd Stepp

    Man, I can’t stop watching this.

    It’s hard to imagine that anyone would have enough grace to let a guy like that walk up and be a part of their video.

    Nice work, bro. Very encouraging.

  • Jean Stauffer

    Now THAT is church. Wow!!

  • Jason Sheffstall

    Thank you so much for loving Jesus and people. One of the greatest God moments I think I have ever seen. Chills. Absolutely amazing! I wanted to stand in the middle of Starbucks and simply shout, “You’ve got to see this!”

  • pete wilson

    Love it!!!!!

  • bartondamer

    Yeah. That’s good! I had a similar experience when I used to live in Washington DC. I was delivering a shipment of tees to a shop downtown and a homeless guy asked me for one… I couldn’t say “no.” I had a box of 100 tees right there. We continued to talk and he quoted more scripture than I’ve ever memorized (total) in my life. It was a freaky experience – and convicting. He knew way more about the Bible than I do and much like Danny, was very thankful for his current status and not down on life in the least bit. Thanks for sharing.

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  • http://na Michael

    Awesome…i’m RT this and posting on FB. You need to have a version of this song on your album with Danny – that mix was sweet!!! He teaches us ALL something for sure.

  • Annette

    So that’s what the face of God looks like…

    (we are not orphans. we are sons.)

  • Michelle

    Wow! What an incredible reminder of what this season is all about. I reposted on my blog too.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  • Faith

    Wow that was powerful! Brought me to tears. God bless you & God bless Danny. Can’t wait for the album to come out.

  • Pingback: This Will Make Your Christmas Feel Like Jesus. « chaos herder

  • John

    This is the first time I’ve ever read comments on a blog that messed me up and broke me as much as the post itself did. The Spirit of God is all over me right now Carlos. I’ll never be the same. Thanks you Lord for Carlos and Danny both.

  • Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Praise Jesus for His soldiers. We are each called at sometime in our life. I pray that I will be like Danny. Who truly is making it.



    Dude that’s one of the illest things I’ve seen in a long time. Love the way our God works!

  • Wayne

    This brought tears to my eyes. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!!

  • Donna

    love the way that HE works…how HE allows people to cross paths in life…teaching us….bringing us to our knees…one of your best posts ever Los!

  • Heather

    oh that my heart would be broken, broken for you God.

    Danny blesses my heart everytime I see this.

  • Michelle

    WOW! I have always had a heart for the homeless – but obviously assuming that they are all poor lost souls without the means or abilities to resurrect themselves from their plight. WRONG. They may not have the means – but now I realize there may be much overlooked ability. This was awesome – a wake-up – a realization. God’s voice is so LOUD!
    Thank you Los for being there in that moment when God revealed one of the treasures from His treasure chest…

  • Pastor Todd

    I will be playing this video for worship this Sunday on Epiphany Sunday. When Jesus comes down, walls fall down.

  • Danny T

    Wow.. I am in my office in tears. God is so good.

    I work with the homeless every other Friday night in downtown San Antonio Texas, and I have met the most extraordinary people. Kique told me about God’s love with a bunch of “F” bombs – but I heard the voice of God as I listened to him… Kique (short for Enrique, from Puerto Rico) told me that he sees the rich, drinving their cars, thinking they have everything, but they have nothing.. he said “Me… I have nothing, but I have everything!”
    Break me, Oh God, that I might be filled by You, and You alone.

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  • Seamless Melody

    Be weary.
    The God Danny is talking about may indeed be another God… another religion.

    Check out “Jah” in the Rastafarian religion and reevaluate your paradigm…

    • Los

      Or he may be our God

      • Michelle

        Since the Holy Spirit presents Himself profoundly in the interaction between Danny and Carlos, and so many Christians disecerned it, I TRUST and have FAITH that it is our GOD of ALL Creations, Jahovah, Jesus who is referenced here.

      • http://none Charlene McNabb

        Agreed… the Holy Spirit was definitely present at that meeting… who are we to say that “The God of all Creation” was not there??

    • Carole

      As Danny put it “Jah, one God, one Creator, one Father” – Don’t worry about it, he is talking about GOD!!!!!!! and God is enough!

  • Kamrie Reed

    That is amazing. I really saw a perfect example of Daniel reflecting God’s astounding love. This video was a good way to start the year for me. Thanks for letting me see communion with God.

  • Mark

    This story has not left my lips. I’ve been telling people about this like crazy! Would you mind if I posted this on my blog for my readers to see? I’ll leave some link love of course (as I have a ton in the past anyways). Thoughts?

    • loswhit

      go ahead

  • Michelle
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  • Heather Fischer

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while since you posted it. I wrote an article 2 years ago titled, ” Do you believe in the Prosperity Gospel?” that relates to your post.

  • http://Danny Carol

    Love your posts on Danny. However, we must not romanticize homelessness. Most are mentally ill. Still EVERY life has dignity & value & God uses them.

    • Jane

      Thank you, Carol! It’s lovely that people are being touched by this, but some of the comments are disturbing in what they miss – like finding God in the “strangest places”, concern over which God Danny was referring to, or trying to be more like Danny. There is nothing strange about finding God in rough neighborhoods or in poverty, you have just failed to recognize Him. Whether Danny knows God by a different name or face, his spirit – his love, his beauty – is no less real. Christianity does not have a monopoly on humanity. And, while it’s nice that you recognize that Danny has something you don’t, remember that you have much that he and many like him don’t. Cultivate spiritual richness in yourselves, but step outside your comfortable neighborhood and share your physical wealth with the less fortunate – not by simply donating money or food as you would to stray animals, but also by reaching out in person – acknowledging them as humans who have dignity and value and something to offer their community. Pity is dehumanizing, empathy is what you offer your equals.

      The prevailing attitude of tender-hearted people towards those in poverty is chillingly similar to that of Christian settlers (or, more accurately, conquerors) toward indigenous peoples (“savages”). There is surprise when they exhibit normal cognitive functions and spiritual depth. How “strange”! Personally, I would be much more surprised to find spiritual depth among Goldman Sachs executives than in the roughest of forgotten neighborhoods.

      Many homeless people are mentally ill, but many are not (especially in today’s economy). As Carol rightly notes, EVERY life has dignity and value. There is no real “Them”, there is only “Us”.

      There, but for the grace of God…

      • Sharon

        every lfe has dignity and value……AMEN!

  • Winny

    This is beautiful. i like these most
    Save us from these comforts.
    Break us of our need for the familiar
    Spare us any joy that’s not of You

    Its really amazing

  • Allie

    My family were touched by this video we will continue to pray that you will be able to find Danny, but even if you dont your life will never be the same

  • josiah

    that was amazing

    danny is the bomb-diggity

  • josiah

    praying that carlos will find danny

  • Delton

    ok, so, yeah, i’m still a nube and hadn’t seen this before now, but i’m a quick study! to say that it was moving, touching, inspiring, and left me full of awe would be grossly understating what i’m feeling right now.

    “it’s a loswhit thing” i think i’m starting to understand…

    love you, bro. we haven’t met yet, but someday we will.

    we SO will…

  • Lori Grace

    So that’s the story behind the awesome Danny. Thanks for reposting this! I’m still amazed when I watch it again.

  • Teshyah

    I CRIED!!!

  • Sharon

    Carlos- I was so moved (as I am sure are many) by this video of you and Danny. What TESTIMONY! What WITNESS! What if you were to edit out the wind and produce this if only for say, itunes? Or better yet, go back and find Danny- bring his beautiful presence into a studio with your beautiful voice………… I can hear it now………. “One God, One Creator, yesa One Father…. your the God of all the ages……Clap your tiny hands for JOY!”

  • Jonathan Charlie Chang

    DANG! Danny, the homeless man is a soldier. I love how backwards God is.

    • Kmama

      Hi. I was very moved by that God given talent spontaneously exhibited by Danny in this video. Surely Danny’s contribution to this version of the song and the subsequent sensation that it has caused will cause sales to soar. I hope that Danny reaps a fair share of the material benefits of his talent and effort.

  • b.rizz

    Yes! That chorus rings over and over in my head. My favorite part of your album.

  • Jen Griffin

    Wow….I am just numb after watching that. God is so good. What a moment for both of you. You could just feel that God was there. Thanks for sharing this again. I missed it the first time.

  • Mike Thaxton


    I work with the homeless and needy in my community and get to see these kind of blessings daily. But this one was special and annointed.


  • steven

    WOW – I immediately thought of this verse while I was watching.

    Hebrews 13
    Concluding Words
    1 Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters.[a] 2 Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it! 3 Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies.

  • Tanya

    I can’t believe I just saw this video. This song is sooo good! Spoke to me. I need to be released from the familiar and step out of my comfort zone.

    Hallelujah in the highest praise!!!

  • Lucas

    Dude carlos that was amazing. i actually had the same experience me and a bunch of friends were in downtown greenville, sc singing one night. It started as about five of us then all of a sudden it turned into about twenty people just singing and proclaiming the name of jesus. We even ended up having another guy come that night who was playing guitar downtown for money and he joined us to play as well. At the end we all prayed together. it was fantastic, and to see this video makes me want to do it more and more. Thanks man.

  • noah

    I’ve typed out several things to say only to delete them. Nothing I can think of really expresses what that recorded event did for me. It stirred many emotions as the video played out. I can only imagine how it affected everyone there that day.

    I worked with the homeless before I moved out of state a few years ago.I spent time with them in their world, went to ehir houses made out of cardboard boxes and wooden pallettes covered with 100s of plastic walmart bags and used traashbags.. I became friends with some of them. Its a totally different, “seperate” world for them. It slways seemed “quiet” for some reason.. things of the “real” world didn’t matter to them and I would get lost in that at times, able to tune things out somehow, i.e., when I would let myself just be there with no time to go. The point I want to make is that under “ordinary” circumstances, most of them would have never even came up to you, Carlos. They probably wouldn’t have even heard you. But God sent Danny to you, man.

    If you can… go to the streets and ask where he is – don’t be afraid to talk to the homeless.. I would imagine that there will eventually be “someone” who knows him. The song was very real – but you may find that the re-connect is even more so.

    Good luck bro. Please email me if you hook up with him.


  • Krista

    Simply beautiful.

  • Vladimir

    that’s just too cool. You guys should get him on the record. I would definitely buy the song. I promise.

  • Lisa

    that random collaboration was amazing. I so felt the Holy Spirit right there in that moment. Yes, He does get the highest praise. I’m speechless…

  • jas


  • Tanya

    I really loved this. I keep playing it over and over trying to write the lyrics. Can you post Danny’s lyrics please?

  • Joe

    Thanks for posting this again, it is amazing what we can experience if we open ourselves to the Holy Spirit. Something this Lutheran need to do more of. Thanks again

  • {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After

    SO powerful.

  • rafagauss

    sing until our lungs give out! literally… we all need it, some of us realized that, some didn’t yet… but we all need it!

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  • bluegoose

    LOVE THIS!!! I have been so humbled by the homeless in the last year. We had dinner at Cici’s not long ago and a homeless man sat at the table next to us. He began a conversation that we hated to leave but as we were getting ready to go, my daughter asked him if she could pray for him. His reply still stops me in tracks of faith….I blogged about it @
    I love the way you were so quick to let him join you!!! What a heart for God both of you have!!!

  • BarbMingo

    I Love this video and that song and would like to buy the remix with you & Danny, so please let me know when the remix comes out.
    I WILL BUY IT, this video is a true work of One God!!! who knows you may have a chance to help a homeless person, God works in mysterious ways Carlos!!!!!!!
    I will put it on my facebook page so that others can see how God works…..

  • E.Bert Todd

    It is my hope that one of you shared the Gospel with Danny after this exchange. Please do not be fooled, Rastafarians are not followers of Yahweh, the ‘Jah’ that Danny sang of (and to) is Haile Selassie (there is a brief but pretty accurate bio here: )
    As a former Rastafarian, I felt nothing but compassion for Danny, because he is as blinded as I once was…

    • http://none Charlene McNabb

      Who said Danny was a Rastafarian?? Just because he used the title Jah…?? or because he sang Reggae? or because he had dreadlocks?? This was an extremely touching, spirit filled moment… and I think you are jumping to a conclusion… from what I saw here, there is no real evidence that Danny is Rastafarian… allow God to do what He wants to do…and don’t put Him in a box… Perhaps “Jah” wanted to do something here…

      Here is a quote from Haile Selassie himself…in the article that you gave the link for in your comment ~

      “I have heard of that idea [i.e., of Haile Selassie being the reincarnation of Jesus Christ]. I also met certain Rastafarians. I told them clearly that I am a man, that I am mortal, and that I would be replaced by the oncoming generation, and that they should never make a mistake in assuming or pretending that the human being is emanated from a deity.” — Interview with Bill McNeil)

    • Brandon

      Hey was talking about Jesus did you not read what he told carlos at the end of the song about walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

    • InkyJahWay

      I dont get your post E.Bert. So youre saying you are enlightened now because you learned a different theological standpoint? And someone should set Danny straight? I mean since you are throwing out wiki links, check the one about Jah…And let’s not forget, that in MANY religions, and beliefs, Yahweh, or God, or Jah, and too many more to name could all be speaking of the same deity…or not…For instance in ancient Sumeria, before the Bible was even written, there was Enki or (EA, pronounced YAH), and was believed to be the creator of man, through genetics — DNA…There are so many overlaps. Is it not good enough that people can just believe in a higher power, a creator, something bigger than ourselves, but yet a part of all of us. Can we not just rejoice in the fact that Danny has faith and believes in something greater? In my opinion, E.Bert, sadly, you are still blinded.

      • Jeannie Armstrong

        No it is not good enough. A man must be born again to even see the kingdom of heaven. God sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Yes it does matter what a man believes and who he serves.

    • RedSnapper149

      E.Bert Todd… I don’t think that you get it… It was all about giving GOD the praise. No matter who you are, how you look, where you come from, what walk you are walking in life. If you know the FATHER… SMH… I don’t think you heard the message Mr. Todd… Hallelujah is the highest praise!

    • I can’t stand denominations

      I don’t think there really is that much of a difference. The guy was clearly praising God… Getting caught up in the tiny little differences that are basically made up by men, is a waste of time and hurts others beliefs.

      • Bodhi Satvva

        These tiny differences are exactly what the negative forces in our world are trying to promote and infect the worlds people with. Focusing on these tiny differences is only dividing mankind and pitting us against each other. The true meaning of God, no matter what corner of the planet or what culture you find him to be in, is 100% pure of heart LOVE! LOVE for every one of our brothers and sisters no matter what their circumstances are. Even the folks who seem evil inside are not truly evil. They just have very low amounts of love in their experience on this planet. We should feel even more love and sympathy for these types as they are the ones who need endless love the most.

    • frizzman

      i dont believe that danny needed any gospel…..he gets it

    • Bodhisatvva

      I implore you to look into the Rastafari subject a bit more. “Jah” = “Yahweh”. They may believe that Selassie was Yahweh incarnated into the human body (just like Jesus Christ) as a messiah but the point is, even if they’re incorrect about Selassie being Yahweh in a human body, the love for GOD or “Jah” is still the core of the entire thing. By praising the man that they believe to be God in a human body in the physical world does not detract from the fact that the praise is still being given to GOD (GOD = unconditional love)

      The fact that you used the term “rastafariAN” leads me to believe your “rastafari” mentors were devoid of the true meaning of Rastafari. Rastas shun any -an’s, -ism’s -and any other imperialistic or western labeling suffix. “RastafarianISM” is a word from an imperialistic structure. One sure way to disrespect a true “Rastafari” is to call him a rastafarian or say he practices “rastafarianism”

      Your comment implies he was praising Selassie himself, which he was not. He was giving praise to, and I would like to quote Danny here: “One Jah! One creator! Yessa one father!”

      Danny was praising GOD, and what you are implying is that he is praising the rastafari equivalent of Jesus Christ”.

      Whats the difference between Jesus and Selassie? Just because one of these men were around thousands of years ago and the other was around less than 100 years ago?

      TL;DR: Praise GOD and always offer every living being complete and pure unconditional LOVE, no matter the cultural differences.

      • Bodhisatvva

        And to expand upon my previous post: GOD or JAH or any other cultural variant of GOD is present in all of us no matter where you were born, where you were raised, or what religion you practice. God is inside of you. Share that part of yourself with anyone and everyone who needs GOD in their lives. Unconditional love for all of “Gods creations”

        • Andrew Barnes

          There is no comparison between Jesus Christ and any other man. There is no one in history who is like Him. Jesus Christ was God in human flesh. Jesus Christ knew no sin and did the will of the Father perfectly. He was resurrected from the dead through the power of God, giving us hope that we too can have eternal life. All other spiritual leaders are dead in their graves. Jesus Christ is not.

    • disqus_ZawtvdyGqr

      I am in agreement with E.Bert Todd. I don’t believe he was criticizing Danny at all. I’ve had many friends who were Rastas, and Danny is obviously one of them. They are beautiful, gentle people. E.Bert Todd was just pointing out the need for everyone to know Yeshua as Lord and Savior. If you don’t understand that, you may be in just as much need of the Gospel yourself.

  • Otter

    Just wanted to say I just saw the video and it gave me chills. Then Danny’s comments gave me chills again.

    I don’t think we grow as Christians as long as we remain in our comfort zone. We need to get out of that zone and stretch our faith to new limits. I guess you could say that I agree with you.

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  • Aaron

    I missed this video the first time around and it totally rocked my socks. Wow. What an amazing encounter. It reminded me that one day we will ALL sing His praises. This proves that we don’t need to worry about the song or melody. It will all be one voice.

  • rHowpHen

    just want to ask for permission to repost this one…

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  • Jenna K.

    Just received this video link through and I am so glad I did! This video moved me. It didn’t just bring forth an emotion in me for those 6 minutes. It has not left my mind since I watched it 3 days. The power of Gods words being sung through the cords of someone most of us would all consider “broken and/or homeless” left me looking inward at myself. It is so easy to judge a book by its cover and yet God see’s us through the outer shell and knows our heart.

    Thank you for sharing this video and thank you for being ready to do Gods plan! May we all have ears to hear and eyes to see the greater works of our king! Bless you brother!

    In Him,
    Jenna K.
    Vancouver, WA

  • DeAnna Welch

    A great friend of mine sent me this video via email – It is awesome. LOVE the song, but even more, the spirit which moved throughout the song. All I kept thinking was ……”Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” HEBREWS 13:2, especially when he started singing “Hallelujah is the highest praise”. I just wanted to look so intently into the face of one who may’ve recently been around the throne singing those words. Praise to the Lord, this was a little view of Heaven on earth. After all, that’s what we’ll be doing when we get there, singing and praising!! Thanks again for the video.

  • Becky Lee

    AMAZING!!! Even though I read the backstory and knew what was going to happen in this video I still sat with my mouth hanging open and tears in my eyes! AMAZING… that’s all I can say! I love love love love the simple fact that this actually happened :)

  • Casey P

    WOW!!! I can never sleep well when my husband is out of town and I was looking through your blog and stumbled across this. That was A. MAZ. ING!!!! I was in tears.

  • Christian

    Dear Carlos….

    I have only reasently found the past of God… For many years i was leading in poor life on the street and on drugs…

    This number turnd everything around for my… Danny in him self, was a milepost on my venture of life…

    I sit, in the appartment i finally got, everyday and listen to this tune…

    I would wish i had the finacial possibility to go to Atlanta (i live en Denmark) and help out finding the true solider of our lord and creator…

    And please, did you ever find Danny ???

    (sorry if there is poor language in here, my english i not at all perfect)

    Love and light.

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  • Cody

    Did you ever find Danny?

  • Beverly Brown

    I never get tired of watching this video.

  • Electricians MN

    Numerous thanks for making the effort to speak about this, I really feel strongly about this and love learning a great offer more on this subject. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your website having a fantastic offer more info? It’s very beneficial for me.

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  • Nicolle

    Carlos, I take food to the homeless on the streets in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. I call them my friends. I love them. I just saw this video for the first time today. I think I have watched it about 10 times already. I am moved, and awed and inspired. I believe that Danny is the face of Jesus. “The weak and the poor shall inherit the earth”. “Whatever you do for one of these brothers, you have done to me”. God bless you for this song.

  • crystal

    there are no words to describe how this makes me feel.. only tears.. blew my mind

  • Steve

    God is working through this video clip! I’ve seen it a while back but find myself revisiting it again. Absolutely one of the most moving videos I have ever seen! Either Danny is an angel or a vessel that the Holy Ghost has chosen to speak through to the world (in collaboration with Carlos); either way it is awesome.
    God bless you brother

  • dhadz

    Is Danny includes in your album Carlos? Did you find him? One God, One Father, One creator, i always remember this saying by Danny!.. God bless you Carlos and Danny!

  • Diana

    I am really new to loswhit and his beautiful family. love the music and the blog. My first one ever, honest. I am a christian,and I want to keep growing in the lord day and night. BUT… I saw something on here that I just can not get out of my mind. “God of second chances” with Daniel”danny” WOW If anyone ever doubted GOD it’s over now. I like the record, but I absolutely LOVE your live music. Only a few artists can do that acoustic sound and be even more awesome without the tweaks and add ins. You are one of those. I would love to hear a Live album from you. Not sure if you will meet Danny again, he might just be one of Ja’s soldiers, we may never know. Please don’t let that stop you from your emotional live stuff.God may have sent him for that reason. Lets not forget that GOD smiles over us as it says in psalms,and he never leaves us. I feel better knowing that GOD puts his soldiers everywhere,even in the extremely needy places. I listen to that song every day, and will continue to do so as I clap my tiny hands for joy, and bless GOD for being the “GOD OF SECOND CHANCES” Thank you so much los for writing that song. For me and every other person it has ever touched. God Bless You

  • Serious Things

    Good afternoon brother.. I have spent a couple of days checking out this video. It seems that the EP was going to have this in there, and that you were looking for Danny. I was looking to see if you ever found him and is he in the EP? (Looking for the EP now, haha). I have a quick story with a homeless man I experienced the other day that is being typed up right now on my site. I should have it up later today.. check it out if you get a chance. God bless all that you do and thanks for sharing the story.. I would LOVE to hear if you found Danny … May Mercy, Peace, Love, and Grace be multiplied unto you and yours. In the name of our love and Lord Jesus the Christ, amen.

  • Serious Things

    This song is a hit… I could only imagine what would happen in the recording studio w/ this. Hallelujah is the highest praise! I pray you have found Danny and if not, I pray that you do. God may very well be handing this a man a rope into the pits of the valley.. A rope with bibles, socks, hats, tracts, blankets, and a mic so the Lord can use him to rock the valley and move some freekin’ mountains!


    Did you ever find danny. Is he on your album i would love to buy.

  • Angel

    I don’t agree with the profanity you used in this post. Not a very good testimony if you ask me. Be not of this world. Dude… let your light shine… don’t use bad language in a blog post which is supposed to be used to glorify the Lord. C’mon!

  • Brandy Ferrell

    What are the chances you would read this..? But really, when I came across your video with Danny, it reminded me of my own discomfort about two years ago when I encountered a homeless man on the streets of downtown Houston. I was alone, distracted, and and with my three young boys. So, because I get so much joy out of hearing about these divine appointments, I wanted to share this as well, just in case you can take the time to read it.

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  • Griff

    The AWESOMENESS of this video and story is beyond measure! I can only imagine what it was to experience it firsthand. I pray that Danny and his ministry are still going strong.

    Thank you again, Los, for sharing these most intimate moments of your life! Praying for you and the fam.

  • Ashley

    Hey, I thought this was so awesome when I first saw it and then my boyfriend (who is familiar with rastafari) said, “you know he is singing to his rastafari god jaja right?” After a little research, I still find it cool with the colaboration and we should love him, but we should also know that jaja is not Jesus, but who they believe is a reincarnate of Jesus in an Ethiopian ruler. Just wanted to put this out there.

    • Mary Balduf

      thanks for sharing…great info…i was wondering about that

    • David Farlow

      Psalm 68:4 Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.

  • http://youtube Mary Balduf

    I just think that was AWESOME….just awesome…This video has really given me insight to the fact that God’s people are everywhere and in all walks of life…Don’t judge lest you shall be judge..entertaining angels…and give as it is given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over…and that’s what this video did for me…i copied it onto my digital recorder and have shared it with many for the sound of praising God is music to my ears….love in CHRIST….TO ALL

  • Michelle Wagner Pearson

    Oh, this gave me chills when I got to the end of the thread. Wow! GOD is
    awesome! And, thank HIM for giving us people like Danny to remind us!
    Thank you, Danny, for letting GOD use you!

    • Judi Picard

      I agree Michelle what an awesome message from God thru Danny!!! PTL

  • Heather Smith

    Have you ever reconnected with Danny? I would really like to know how he is doing.

  • Isabel

    Danny was awesome. Hope he is doing well wherever he may be.

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  • Misa

    Yes, Danny is a musician, a worshipper. Homelessness is a temporary state which is really a statement of society, not Danny, or certainly not Danny alone.

  • parisrocks

    Find Danny, record a version w/ him, and I will buy it. This is viral and it’s popularity can only be a good thing.

    • Josh

      I feel the same way. I’d LOVE to have this song with him adding to it!

  • Patsy Wright

    Loved this video so much. Thanks for sharing!

  • Guybrush Ak Threepwood

    someone give that homeless man a record deal. right fucking now.

  • Lexi

    Can we buy this song with Danny somewhere?

  • Jake Madden

    Id love to buy that original song with danny’s impromptu. If you tried to clean up the audio (take out the camera mans commentary) id rock it! That moment was a holy spirit moment so don’t record it again, keep it real keep it raw.

  • Gcity

    I hope you pay Danny for recording with you, cuz he made the song 1000000000x better

  • emily m snyder

    Hallelujah is the highest praise, Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise

  • emily m snyder

    This is what Danny was signing in English:

    1 Jah 1 creator yes a 1 father
    say 1 Jah 1 creator yes a 1 father

    1 Jah 1 creator yes a 1 father
    say 1 Jah 1 creator yes a 1 father

    It is a Jah that makes me walk
    a Jah that makes me talk
    a Jah that make the birdy fly the dog that walks

    A trip on the bus
    the 1 thing I recall
    Armageddon that what makes your closet strong

    clap your tiny hands for joy, clap your tiny hands for joy,
    clap your tiny hands for joy, clap your tiny hands for joy

    the Holy Ghost Jah is just like Normandy

    I said The Holy Ghost Jah is moving just like Normandy

    I said he’s moving here he’s moving there he’s moving around the atmosphere
    Holy Ghost Jah is moving just like Normandy

    hey hey

    Bun diggly diggly

    hey hey

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
    I am on my way to Heaven

    1 Jah 1 creator yes a 1 father
    say 1 Jah 1 creator yes a 1 father

    It is a Jah that makes me walk
    a Jah that makes me talk
    a Jah that make the birdy fly the dog that walks

    A trip on the bus
    the 1 thing I recall
    Armageddon that what makes your closet strong

    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,

    Told Jah remember me while I go down on my knees to pray
    I give Jah some praise cuz he does it each and everyday

    Lord have mercy

    Told Jah remember me while I go down on my knees to pray
    I give Jah some praise cuz he does it each and everyday

    Lord have mercy

    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,

    Lord have mercy, mercy, mercy
    Lord have mercy, mercy, mercy
    Lord have mercy, mercy, mercy

    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,
    Hallelujah is the highest praise,

    got 1 Jah 1 creator yes a 1 father!!!

    What Danny was saying by this Armageddon that what makes your closet strong was When you fight the final battle you will smell very bad when it is over.

  • Daniel

    I’d love too see you two make a whole album! Big up from sweden!

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  • Jewels

    ye please, if recodred withDanny I would buy!

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  • Mike

    Hail Him Emeror Selassie..Give thanks and praise to HIM

  • Ctryit

    You had your Actual GOD MOMENT HERE!! I HOPE YOU HEARD IT, GOD Never picks the most obvious choice to send his love. :) I too found your voice through this moment with Danny and can’t seem to find where you have included this God moment on a track on the album. This isn’t as much about Internet viral as it is a blessing you were given to make God viral through so much love. I hadn’t heard of you until then, I am new to explore my faith journey and this inspired me in so many ways. Where can I find this on your tracks to continue the love of your music for God I saw here. You are talented but these moments are part of your calling. With much love, faith and prayers.

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