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Buckhead Church Set Design Feb'09

Buckhead Church Set Design Feb'09

Mad love to Jared, BJ, and Randy for designing such a fly set.
It is being used at all 3 campuses.
This one was a [insert strong word of your choice here but remember God is watching you] to build and I would say that their sweat was well worth it. The column on the far right actually goes up and down to allow the drums and keys riser to exit for the speaker.
Check out the rest of the pics here…

Keep creating,

  • fmckinnon

    that is super sweet! where does the "screen" for the preaching appear?

  • Marcus Hackler

    Love the blend on archaic elements and clean lines and symmetry. Very well done!

    What kind of fabric did you use for the draping curtains?

    Also, how did you light it?

  • David (@dg4G)

    That looks incredible! Hillsong eat your heart out :)

  • Jonathan



    Dude, mad props to you guys for that. I think that might actually be my favorite church set design so far.

  • David Martinez

    Hey. Man comgrats. It’s amazing. Where can I get that kind of screens?

  • randyparker

    Thanks for the love Carlos!

    But how about some Blog Link Love or Twitter Love too? &

  • randyparker

    Thanks for the love Carlos!

  • Brad Ruggles

    Wow, your team rocks. I just told Lisa that you guys are like the Lexus of BMW of Church stage design. You always do such a beautiful job. Keep up the great work and give your team a slap on the a** from me

  • loswhit

    Stat ho. ;)


    • randyparker

      I learn from the best!

      I thought you deleted my first one….so i posted it again! My bad.

      Seriously….. thanks man.

  • loswhit

    A**'s slapped.


  • bartondamer


  • Heidi

    Incredible… WOW

  • Jmom

    Not judging…honest question…how often is it replaced?

  • Scott Fillmer

    just incredible, love the color of the lights and how it creates the mood on stage, nice job to everyone over there

  • Scott Fillmer

    just incredible, love the color of the lights and how it creates the mood on stage, nice job to everyone over there

  • Midge

    It is an amazing design. I was just wondering out loud after service this morning if churches went to a "set" store and "rented" sets and then rotated them around. I had no idea we were so blessed with the talent to design them in house. Very impressive indeed. Thanks y'all!

  • Mark

    I saw the set live today and thought it was pretty awesome. Carlos, here's something else I noticed. I'm not sure if this is on purpose, but if you're in the first few rows, you can see a nice visual effect. Look at the way that the drapery is hanging, you can see crosses in the background.

  • Will

    Sweet set! Great job.

  • Phillip Gibb

    very cool,

    and umm scary, we wanna do that and it looks a far way away,


  • Christopher Hopper

    Have Jared, BJ, and Randy ever thought of putting together a tutorial on just how they came up with this, what their budget was, and what materials they used? ch:

  • Akash

    The girl sitting next to me Sunday morning was visiting Buckhead for the first time. I heard her gasp is awe when the set lit up after the 10 Before.

  • Crumbs on my Floor

    Wow, do I ever feel like a loser! We were just in Atlanta on Sunday morning( Feb. 15th). I told the hubby, hey I know of this great church we should stop by and visit for service. But 2 days on the road with 5 kids, we choose to sleep in. Never again. When we make our way back to FL. we are stopping by and attending a service. Same thing with Crossroads in Tenn. So our 2 day trip to FL. will turn into 3 with time for services! I'll start planning now!!

    Take care,

  • jericdavis

    Was in Vancouver and missed last week. Just saw the set up last night at 6pm. Great job. FWIW, I like how the panels under the screens help to "widen" out the stage adding some interest to an otherwise blank wall…

  • Stuart

    I love this design–absolutely outstanding. I have a question about the column construction: how is this done? I have a few theories: an interior frame which the fabrics hang on, and then the "ribs" attatched to the frame in the back. OR the fabrics hung from the top and the "ribs" are attached to the fabric (kind-of chineese lantern style). BUT if this is the case, why don't i see any tension lines on the fabric? What are the "ribs" made out of?

    Please let me know how this is done–I'd love to use the same concept at my church!

  • Jonathan Malma

    Incredible stage design! We did our stage design with spandex and steel columns. Ours is a bit inferior but I have a tutorial on what we did on my site.

    • Christine

      @Jonathan Malma—- where is your tutorial?

      Los…How did you build the “vertical Blinds” in your church set photos on Flickr?

  • Becky

    Your stage design is amazing. I am part of the design team at my church and I am wondering where your team gets their inspiration to come up with sets like this?



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